Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sharing Sake and Sushi for Shabbat

Some folks have a traditional Sabbath meal on Friday nights. Some folks do it all kosher and fancy, which is lovely but we do it differently. We eat together as a family and we treasure our Shabbat meals- however, if you have been reading this blog for more than 4 minutes you will know my silly family is far from traditional.

Since Jeff's birthday is right around the corner, I made the Jewish Princess special: Reservations! Well, the next best thing anyhow, I got Carry-out Sushi! I am proud to admit that I bought everything we ate for dinner and dessert. I did not make a thing. We had some Sake from Trader Joe's, some Sushi from Sapporo Wind, and the Chocolate mousse cups from Giant Eagle. I did not lift a finger, I just served it. A girl could get used to this- now I am starting to see the allure. It was fast, it was tasty, it was so simple. Did I mention how easy it was to just call in the orders and go pick them up? My JAPPY friends may be on to something here. Hmmmm.

The kids are getting really good at using chopsticks, they love the novelty of them.

I got several types of sushi and sushi rolls, the marinated seaweed salad, and the Ikura that I love.
The kids ate the eel and seaweed salad (CJ could not have the salad because it has soy sauce) but they all ate their fair share of the sushi and pickled ginger before they needed some cheese sticks and Coleman's all natural hot dogs. Argenida, Jeff and I totally snarfed down the sushi. Sushi for Shabbat is Sublime!

We officially sang Happy Birthday to Jeff over the chocolate mousse cakes and cups. We lit the candle on his cake and he made a wish. The little ones dug into chocolate with excitement

and of course I took lots of photos of our celebration.

Mitchell was kind enough to chime in and share his best wishes as seen in the photo. The children enjoyed celebrating Daddy's birthday
they understand what it means and they have fun making cards and decorating.

So Shabbat Shalom and Happy Birthday to my Honey. You don't look a day over 50! I love you and it is time for you to, as they say at Asian Gourmet,Get Your Tushie in for some Sushi!

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