Monday, April 6, 2009

Sam Edelman is Sexy

I love anything fresh and new, but in all honestly I am partial to designer classics. I accessorize with the trendy and stock pile the couture classics in clothing. Shoes, well....that is my weakness- I love them all.

I stumbled upon a new shoe designer when I was out and about. I saw the shoe and loved it, it was tall and glam with just a wink and a smile of trendy.
I picked it up, thoroughly examined it and was aghast at the designer name. Sam Edelman. If I were looking for someone to do my taxes, Sam Edelman would be my man. If I needed an colonoscopy, again- nobody like Sam Edelman. When I need a tailor, you can bet a guy with the name Sam Edelman would get my business. I am not sure Sam Edelman is the name that comes to mind when I want exotic and sexy shoes. I think women in general want some element of fantasy in their designer. We are partial to names like Christian Louboutin , Manolo Blahnik and Giuseppe Zanotti. These are the names that reek of shoe perfection. Sam Edelman, not so much. It would be like Jeff designing lingerie....I doubt women would be falling all over themselves to own a Jeff Slutsky gown or robe- no matter how lovely and beautiful the garments might be. Call it a prejudice- call it a stereotype, whatever you call it- it is true.

I admit I was intrigued though. I could not stop thinking about that sandal- even though the name left me wanting to sing Hatikvah and go to shul, I wanted the shoe. Did it really matter what the label said? So, I am outing myself right here, right now- when it comes to getting my kicks- looks like Sam Edelman will be upstairs next to Mr. Louboutin and Mr. Blahnik. Gosh, I hope they all get along. I have to tell Jeff I have a new man in my life. I hope he understands that I think Sam Edelman is sexy.

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Jennifer Fine said... you remember the shoes, "Sam and Libby" from years ago?? Anyway, that is who Sam Edelman is!!

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