Saturday, April 18, 2009

Playgrounds, Picnics, Ponds and Proms

Whew, that title is a mouthful! We spent most of this glorious weekend soaking in the sunshine and breezy Spring weather just shuffling between parks, playgrounds, picnics, ponds, and prom. I guess this is what it will be like when we live somewhere without winter....minus the prom part.

We spent 3.5 hours at the neighborhood park- I guess I should clarify that as not to be offensive- we partied, picnic style in the park in our own "HOOD."

I packed our dinner and just let the kids play until they could not play anymore. Argenida and I shared the time with the children while Jeff got to spend happy hour or happy hours(?) at home with the tivo and remote control all to himself. He deserves the break and we felt like this was a playground outing where we could let him slide!

The equipment is geared for our age group and has plenty to offer so there is little fighting over swings, slides and climbers.

I am not sure why this play area is usually empty, but I am not going to complain at all, we almost always have it to ourselves, BONUS! We took our leftover crackers over to the little duck pond and shared it with our favorite quackers./a>

We spent time just wandering around the park smelling the flowers and enjoying the natural beauty of this time of year.

The outing was a success because no one fell in the water, no one was injured and we brought home 4 kids totally wiped out. When we got home Jeff said they smelled active- as if to say they stunk. To me, that means I did my job.

We took the little ones to Easton for the photo opp for Mitchell's pre-prom dinner. The group posed for pictures as our kids were busy throwing rocks in the fountain.

Mitchell looked so handsome and the girls, well, the girls looked AMAZING. They always do, and this year was no exception. I seriously do not remember 16 year old girls looking this glam and gorgeous when I was 16. Mitchell has a tendancy to use his triplets and baby as chick magnets, and as you can plainly see- it works!

Fortunately I anticipated a photo packed weekend, I took my camera everywhere and I got my proof that playgrounds, parks, picnics, ponds and prom are blog worthy!

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