Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our visit to The Ohio State University NICU

This weekend is the annual March of Dimes walk for premature babies. Since I have the NICU nurses at OSU and the March of Dimes to thank for my healthy kids, it is my pleasure to bring the babies back to where it all started. I know the NICU staff loves to see a success story. I am dedicating this post to all the nurses and parents who stumble upon this blog entry as a result of our visit.

Some of our nurses were there to receive the care package. We brought yummy chocolate chunk cookies to "feed the nurses"

and a bag of preemie clothes and hats for the current NICU residents. Every time I find preemie clothes on clearance I buy them, save them for our visit and bless them to a family with a baby in the NICU. It makes me feel good, and I know the feeling of seeing your own baby in a precious new outfit or hat when you come to visit. I remember looking forward to seeing the babies all snug and cozy in their isolettes- it made my whole day when they were modeling a new hat. I attached a little note to the donated preemie stuff and I hope the parents see the link to this blog. If you need motivation and encouragement that the NICU stay is just a blip in the big picture take a look at these kids. The NICU was 3.5 years ago but it feels like yesterday.

Here are my 27 weeks 6 days little peanuts looking in on the babies from the viewing window. What a difference st 3.5 years can make!

After our NICU little outing I let the kids play in the fountains in front of the hospital. They love water
and anything where you can monkey around, kick and splash.

Our quick visit to the OSU NICU was so rewarding. My heart is full. My hands are full everyday as any stranger is quick to point out, and I wish all the current NICU moms and dads all the happiness we see when we look at our "babies" today. Leave us a message, say hello and welcome to the wonderful world of raising a preemie!

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