Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our March with Babies

We joined thousands of walkers in the March of Dimes walk. This is the first year that I took all 4 kids by myself with only a single stroller. While there was a new found freedom of not lugging a choo choo wagon or pushing a quad stroller, there was the added chaos of herding Eli, CJ and Natalie to stay with me.
I was in my no fear mode. Thankfully the weather could not have been better, so the kids were soaking up the sun in their 75 SPF.

The kids wore the most appropriate tee shirts, given that I was going it solo, I think it was a great sympathy move on my part. Of course there were hundreds of custom made preemie and NICU baby shirts on other participants, but somehow, some way my 4 orange clad My Parents are Exhausted shirts got some serious compliments.

The pit stops were stocked with fresh apples and little cups of water so my children were more than thrilled to cop a squat on the curb, sit, eat, drink and watch the real walkers do their thing.

At one point Natalie said she loved watching all the people and the dogs in the parade. I guess when you are 3 and a half a charity walk and a parade look about the same. The girl says it like it is.

Again, this year was a glorious salute to the dedicated efforts of the MOD. I believe we are a walking billboard for the organization. Perhaps next year they will call it The March for Babies and the Ticker Tape Parade for Preemies?


Margaret Ann said...

Where did you get those great shirts?! I have to get some for my three!

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Originally these shirts came from Target. They were sold out last year when I needed all four of them. Imagine my joy when I found the exact four sizes I needed for this year, at the CMOTC Moms Sale. They were in Excellent Used Condition and were in two pairs from two different sellers. I scored big time- we LOVE these

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