Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My April Fools joke lasts all year

Last year I played a little April Fools joke on my blog. It was funny at the time but made it increasingly challenging to out do myself for this year. Ever the prankster I have been scheming a few things to do to Jeff but lately he is not in the mood to be bothered. That is no joke.

This leaves me no choice but to blog about something that is sooooo not funny. Can you imagine that my sweet Natalie has developed a clothing obsession? SHOCKING I know I know. You see the apple does not fall far from the tree but I never thought that I would be arguing with a three year old about what shoes match and what shoes clash. At three? The girl has a strong will and an opinion about everything related to getting dressed.

I admit that it is all my fault. I have created a monster you might say. I lovingly bought her cute shoes and accessories over the last 2.5 years. I take pride in dressing her to look cute- I have that whole personal shopper thing in my blood. It must be genetic. The girl has 4 or 5 pairs of Lelli Kelly shoes

these over the top adorable beaded and girly high tops are like fantasy footwear for young girls. What girl wouldn't treasure these? Natalie adores having the best selection of shoes- who doesn't? Most of these fancy shoes have been auction sniped from E-bay, but Natalie does not care. All she knows is that they are her favorite. Lately she has been gracious enough to let Charlotte wear the outgrown Lelli Kellys- this is a major milestone in sharing.

I actually enjoy scoring bargains on the cutest stuff. I get a real high from watching her wear, treasure and look smashing in the merchandise, it is satisfying. I take a gazillion photos for the blog and my digital memory books from How Fast They Grow, and low and behold, after she and Charlotte have outgrown the stuff, I list it on E-bay and recoup the costs and then some. For me this is nirvana.

What I did not realize is that now the bar is set pretty high for Natalie. She LOVES to get dressed, coordinate her hair bows and select only the prettiest, sparkliest shoes to match. While it is sweet, she is almost out of control with the bossiness associated with her opinion about what or what not to wear. Oy vay- I expected this during the teen years but NOW???? OY, maybe she is just testing me now so that she can get it out of her system before she hits puberty. Yeah, right. What a joke. This is my own personal lifelong April Fools Day. Gee Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you have passed the torch to a new generation.


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