Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Helene Slutsky's list of Favorite Things

Did you know that there is some hokey FTC legislation about slander on blogs? Apparently companies are suing bloggers for bad mouthing their products and services. In an effort to squelch bad publicity this law would make it a litigation jungle for Mommie blogativity. Yeah, I made up blogativity...it is my new word to combine blog activity with negativity. Nice huh, maybe I should trademark that like Octomom has done with her new word.

Since Oprah has her list of favorite things, I felt as though I should step up to the plate and openly give a shout out to the products and services that are my faves. I think I do a pretty decent daily job of blogging my opinion so now, let's make it official. Here is my list!

The YSL touch eclat concealer pen
The Radiant Touch gold pen is filled with a creamy, magical potion that is clicked to dispense from the brush at the end.Just swipe it under your dark circles and you are instantly 16 again. It does not cake or look raccoon-ish and it brightens the applicable areas with ease. I am sure if American Express had not copyrighted the phrase, “Don’t leave home without it” the fine French YSL marketing team would have had a winner for the slogan most appropriate to their Touche Eclat sticks. I rarely leave home without touching up under my eyes. The pens last me about 6 months so the cost per use is minimal over time. I have tried to wean myself to drug store brand concealers without success. Once you have perfection it is impossible to give it up. I have been a fan for years and consider this my secret weapon in my make-up case.

Dorot Frozen Herb Cubes
I discovered DOROT frozen cubes at Trader Joe’s by accident. I was looking for frozen vegetables when I stumbled upon the little ice cube trays of chopped garlic, minced basil, and crushed cilantro. How could I resist the urge to boost my recipes with flavor and not have to chop and peel the garlic, harvest and clean the herbs, and find time to prep them? Thanks to the DOROT product I am now cooking at warped speed.

There are twenty small cubes of pressed garlic in the tray about the size of a slice of bread.The flat packaging fits neatly into the door of the freezer. After you remove the red lid and cellophane seal, you just pop the frozen garlic out and instantly blend it into gravy, sauce, dressings or a marinade. My fingers no longer reek of garlic and there are no presses and cutting boards to clean. Using DOROT cubes in my own recipes is a huge time saver.

Grown and produced on a kibbutz in Israel, DOROT products are free from preservatives, added colorings and are naturally delicious. The trays and fillings have a 24 month freezer shelf life so they last longer than the seasons if you were growing the contents yourself. I am not the Martha Stewart type so I need someone else to cultivate the herbs, prep them and package them neatly into trays for my freezer. Thanks to DOROT I can just cruise into the frozen vegetable aisle at Trader Joe’s and get all the glory as if I slaved in the kitchen.

Divine Diaper Cakes
When you need a baby shower gift or a centerpiece at a baby naming, bris or baptism, this is the ultimate way to go. These beautiful cakes are crafted by hand and are custom made to coordinate with your theme or colors. Aptly named, Divine Diaper Cakes because they are chock full of real (usable) diapers- so instead of wasting money on flowers these cakes have added value to the new parents.
How divine! The owner and creator of Divine Diaper Cakes is a fellow triplet mom, who graciously donated one of her spectacular three tiered cakes to the preschool silent auction, so in addition to being a wonderful product, they are coming from a genuinely nice person- so that is just a bonus to me. They can be shipped anywhere in the US so keep this in mind when you are racking your brain on what to send for the newest addition.

Summer is the time for ice cream cones, popsicles, and the dripping messes they make in the heat. At least that is how I once felt. Now our home is stocked up on the best remedy: Dripstiks! I find it odd that I am encouraging our little ones to have fudge bars and sorbet pops but when you find a product that makes sense, you embrace the new found freedom and roll with it.

Our kids are proudly carrying their cool treats in a dripstik holder.It features a side to insert the popsicle stick and alternatively, another side for cones. These colorful containers are great for toddler hands and even better for managing melting confections without a huge clean-up. Dripstiks are mom invented and are also handy for assisting the elderly and disabled who would otherwise struggle to control their frozen desserts.

We are planning on using them at our next big triplet birthday bash- serving ice cream cones in the dipstiks and then letting all the invited guests take home their dipstick as a party favor.

How Fast They Grow
This on line digital scrapbooking service is a lifesaver for those of us without the time, energy, space, or gene for cutting paper and pasting photographs. This website allows you to drag and drop your images into templates, write your own journaling entry and then they mail you the actual hard card stock page for your albums. You slide the page into the book and it is finished. Badda boom, badda bing- baby books in a flash. No more Mommie guilt for not keeping current on the photo albums. The scrapbook pages speak for themselves, so check out a few samples of mine. It has become a mild addiction for me- which is a bold statement to the folks at How Fast They Grow.

Brothers Fruit Snacks
I am always looking for healthy snacks for the entire family. Snacks that can be eaten on the go without a mess, are packaged in single portion controlled servings, and have nutritional value always score higher than sugary, red dye #40 laced treats found in the lunchbox aisle at the grocery store. When I read the ingredients I want to be able to pronounce and understand all the words.

Since I often end up snacking too, I appreciate a product that tastes good without being artificial. In our house the biggest challenge is serving the masses. We have a gluten-free diet child, a weight watchers Daddy and a vegetarian-kosher babysitter. Amazingly I have found a treat that everyone can eat. I stumbled upon the Brothers fruit snacks on a trip to Costco.

Brothers all natural freeze dried fruits are perfect.They come in a handy pouch pack ideal for stashing away in your diaper bag, tote, purse or keeping in the car when you need something to munch and don’t want to blow your diet in the drive through. These crunchy, flavor packed crisps are 100% fruit with no added flavors or preservatives. They are kosher, gluten-free, weight watchers friendly, vegetarian, and are packed with flavor and taste. The strawberry/banana combination has 45 calories without fat and is tart and sweet. The Fuji apple packet is filled with sliced apple wedges that are crunchy and crisp without being sharp on your gums.

I am anxiously waiting to finish our current inventory of Brothers fruit crisps so that I can stock up on the other flavors which include Asian Pear, Peach and pineapple. The only downside to finding the most incredible snack is having to share them with everyone else in the van, on the couch, or at the table- my kids are legendary moochers.

Don't worry, that pesky FTC lawsuit crap doesn't scare me....tomorrow I will post my list of the worst products and services I have ever experienced. We can't keep it all sunshine and roses here, that would be average and B-O-R-I-N-G- and we all know that blogativity is where it is at! Wooooo HOOOO!


Anonymous said...

Awesome - can't wait to read tomorrow's blogativity!


Surviving Triplets said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful write up about my cakes. AWESOME!

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