Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gluten Free Menus for Restaurant Dining

After doing some research on what is available in the Gluten Free world of dining out, I have found many restaurants that offer a GF menu or GF items specifically offered for guests. It is becoming more mainstream to follow a Gluten Free diet so many restaurants are seeing a method to target and keep customers.

Tonight we took the kids to Shane's Rib Shack in honor of Swine Flu season....nahhhh, we went there because they have a Gluten Free BBQ sauce on their Baby Back Pork Ribs. When we arrived I inquired about which items were GF, and the cashier handed me a separate laminated menu that listed all the options. It was simple, easy, tasty and messy. If you want to check out these ribs for FREE, May 16 is customer appreciation day and the first 100 people get a half slab of ribs, a tee shirt and a soft drink without charge. I would venture a guess that in order to score the free ribs you'll have to arrive early and stand in line with all the other hungry patrons, so only you can decide if it is worth your time.

Here is my partial list of the restaurants that cater to a Gluten Free customer. I am still adding places, so in a future Gluten Free Friday post I will compile an updated list. Click on the name of the place to link to the actual information, call ahead if you have questions and in the case of Maggiano's give them a few days notice so you can be "wowed" by the staff.


First Watch

Outback Steakhouse

Dairy Queen

Lone Star Steakhouse

Boston Market

P.F. Changs

Uno Pizzeria


The Olive Garden

The Bonefish Grill

Pei Wei Asian Cuisine

Z Pizzeria

I would be remiss if I did not include the most posh and fabulous Gluten Free Bakery in Columbus- it is CJ's faborite, and when he sees the skyline of downtown, he begs, I mean BEGS to go to Pistacia Vera. Since this amazing boutique dessert kitchen offers nationwide shipping, I feel it vital that it be included in any Gluten Free list of spectacular resources. The Parisian macaroons are heavenly and the flavor choices are endless. Looking for an awesome gift suggestion for a Gluten Free loved one? Check out the Pistacia Vera website and order a sample pack of the Gluten Free Parisian macaroons. You and the receipient can thank me later.

If you know of some others feel free to update my list by leaving a comment under this post, and we can get the party started. Now how's that for a way to start the gluten free weekend? Bon Appetit!

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Nothing shocks me anymore... said...

It is my understanding that Red Robin has a gluten free menu PLUS they are supposed to have one dedicated fryer to gluten free and one chef will make htre entire meal so that it is not compromised at all. HOpefully that has not changed since I read that.

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