Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Free Coffee

Everyone knows that caffeine is a moms best friend. DUH! Without coffee most of us multi-taskin mamas would be dragging. When you find your perfect cup of coffee you will do just about anything for it. Some are fans of the Independent coffeehouses, some like a drive thru, some are die hard Starbuck lovers. For me, it is all about the most buzz for the buck. So when the coffee is FREE, I am all over it, BIG TIME!

I have recently discovered the pleasure of FREE COFFEE. Right now and for the remainder of April on Mondays I can get a free Grande Coffee at Panera Bread. No purchase is necessary, it is just a give-away. I am sure the nice folks at Panera are counting on me to see some pastry or bread product that I can't do without, but since we are a gluten free home gearing up for Passover- that ain't happenin! I just trot in there, order a Grande Coffee and act totally stunned when the cashier tells me it is free. I am an academy award winning actress on Mondays at Panera.

On Fridays the McDonald's in the Metro Columbus Area offers the same concept only with a small latte. The perk (pun intended) is that there are locations everywhere and most have drive-thru service. At McD the offer is from 7:00 am- 7:00 pm so at various stops along my day I can refuel and get re-latted without spending a single cent. The drive thru free latte is often a little bitter, so I have started carrying my own flavored syrups. These handy little bottles fit neatly in the console arm rest of my mini van. I am like a Barrista on wheels. Even the worst cup of free coffee can taste decent with a flavor shot. It is a beautiful thing.

So now that I have shared my two days of Free coffee I am counting on my fearless readers to reciprocate and clue me in on a few hot spots for free coffee on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Can't you help a tired woman get her free java?

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