Monday, April 13, 2009

For the love of Sunny Skies

We are going on two days in a row Ahem, of sunny skies. A girl could get used to this....but living in Central Ohio I have come to learn not to count on sunny skies for my happiness. I have my friends, my blog, and my children & family (not necessarily in that order by the way) for that!

The kids are growing up with four seasons here, which is wonderful in terms of educating them about weather, but now that they are three and a half, they get it, so how many more ugly winters do we need? I have a really difficult time with the overall GREY of November through May. In Columbus, Ohio there is a guaranteed 5-6 months of BLECH weather- which is why make sure we are out and about on days like this: The daffodils are in full bloom,

the grass is green and the sky is clear blue. Our trip to the park playground was followed by a Passover luncheon picnic. It was delightful.

I have finally convinced Jeff that we absolutely NEED to move somewhere with better weather, for the sake of our precious children! How can we deny them the pleasure of continuous warm and sunny skies?

Now that the real estate market has completely tanked in the beautiful Phoenix/Scottsdale/Paradise Valley area, we are thinking long and hard about trying to make it work- living there. Mitchell is considering Arizona for college and being in state for tuition is huge in terms of the financial savings. I have been secretly (well, not so secretly now that I am discussing it on my blog?) working with a realtor in Arizona. He e-mails me the listings that would be feasible for us in terms of school districts and square footage. We absolutely can't afford to send the little guys to private elementary school. I am barely hanging on paying for preschool times three so there is no way we can say yay to tuition from K-12 times four. Obviously we can't downsize in terms of the home itself and moving from the Midwest to the desert used to mean trading down in the housing market. Dollar for dollar you used to get way more home in the midwest. Not anymore.

Let me give you all a real visual to my motivation- take a look at this example. The listing sheet mentions this: FORECLOSED Custom built 5 bedroom 4.5 bath home. Spectacular views, lagoon pool and spa, outdoor BBQ and fireplace, 2 indoor fireplaces, gourmet kitchen, granite counter tops, travertine tile throughout, extensive stone work, wine cellar, whopping 7000 square feet, on just under 2 acres in North Scottsdale but South of Mirabel. The bank took it back for $1,602,715 in September 2008 and it is available for just $899,900 RIGHT NOW!!!!This property was listed for $2,950,000 in 2007 by the custom home builder! The original price was just under a cool 3 million and now it is a Benjamin Franklin under 900K! This translates to it being sold for $131/sq ft! You could not begin to rebuild it anywhere for that price. It has incredible desert and mountain views, a great floor plan with bed/bath suites, it is on a slightly elevated property in North Scottsdale. The home has never been lived in and is priced so low because it needs some finishing details from the new owner. The builder walked away owing 1.6 Million and did not bother with the last minute installations since he knew it would never sell for what he had in it. The home still needs major appliances, some flooring work and landscaping(?). I have a hunch I could find someone willing to help me complete this lovely estate home, all it needs is some tlc and cold hard cash to hire a contractor.-

Can you imagine the fun I could have putting my own spin on this home? I can visualize the eggplant walls of the dining room, my giant Ketubbah hanging in the entry way, and the kids splashing in the pool. I am more than chomping at the bit. Now I just need to get Jeff's office building sold (it is listed with a realtor already), clean and organize our current home enough to be able to show and list it, sell said home, and come up with roughly $500K. Piece of cake right? Anyone want to make a monetary donation for what I am calling the: "For the Love of Sunny Skies Project?"


Michele S said...

OMG!!!! If you buy that house, I'll be your new bestfriend. I'll convert if I have to. Whatever it takes! :)

You should totally move to Arizona. Just get a pool. Then when it's a 118 degrees, you just swim. I love the desert. Scottsdale is beautiful! Do it!

Michele S said...

Oh, and the kids are adorable. That's what I was going to comment before you got me all riled up with real estate.

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

NOOOOOOO, don't convert....just come on over and bring Greg, I will put him to work. The kids will play and learn Spanish around the pool with Argenida and we can go to Last Call in Tempe.

Do they have a Traders in North Scottsdale?

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