Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Face in a Hole

I know you are thinking something perverted with a post title like this one, but nahhhhh, not this time. Sorry to disappoint. I stumbled upon a new website and I wanted to share the fun with you all.

First, I brought you guys FML. Admit it, you pop on to FML periodically- you can't help it. Now I am introducing you to Face In A Hole, which is a nice way to spice up your favorite faces for a laugh. I created a few beauties of my family and most of the images I created have some kind of special meaning.

The triplets first real costumes were Teletubbies- they wore them on Mitchell's 14th birthday as a surprise to him.At the time we only had Tinky Winky, Po, and Dipsy. Now thanks to the Face in a hole people,I have all four teletubbies! How cool is that? Since Charlotte is the little one, I made her Po and let Natalie be La La. Big Hugs everyone. Big Hugs!

This year Mitchell celebrated Halloween as Borat. He was an excellent renditionin his green mankini, and his accent and memorization of the movie lines is awesomebut with Face In a Hole he rocks it. As a Borat lover, it does not get any better than this! High Fives!

I posted about the Real Housewives of Franklin County and I showed images of usenjoying a party at Martini Park. If my group ever decided to change networks we could get casted on ABC as the Desperate Housewives.I am not like any of the sitcom women- awe hell I wear a double digit size, so I went with Teri Hatcher's character for the face in the hole template- I envy her hair.

Since my husband thinks he is such a stud,as shown in his self portrait yesterday, I decided to humor him with thissince after all, this template had a perfect hairline match to Hef's gray toupe. That oughta tell ya something honey, I mean, Jeffner.

Since you probably elfed yourself this past winter, you get the concept. Just log in and create something funny. You can post the shots to your facebook and share them with your friends. Have fun and don't create anything that could be misconstrued as an FML!

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