Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fabulous Fajita Fridays

In keeping with our Passover dietary restrictions, there was nothing delicious for lunch in my kitchen. I took the kids out yesterday seeking a little adventure. Temple Beth Chanel is not in session so I was looking for time wasting activities to keep the kids busy during this full moon time. There are only so many trips I can make to the Eagles Nest at Giant Eagle before they start charging me tuition. Is it just my children or are all children just crazy nuts during a full moon? Mine are wild animals this week. Do you think I can drop them off at Jack Hanna's house?

I took the my monkeys for a Mexican lunch. Fajitas are gluten free and kosher for passover if you skip the tortillas. They arrive at the table sizzling on a nuclear hot plate, so the kids are mesmerized for minutes while the cool down. It buys me some time to multi-task all their plates accordingly. So my guys got rice and beans along side the fajitas, guac, sour cream and salsa.

Rice is okay on Passover if you are Sephardi, and we are Ashkenazi. Six of one, half a dozen of another- I dated a Moroccan, and I have tons of Moroccan friends so technically I am Sephardi by osmosis, right? Rice on Pesach- check!

The kids absolutely love fajitas. Mi Mexico serves them unusually spicy too, but never the less they chow them down jalapenos and all! CJ said they were very tasty and he yummed through them loudly saying DA-WISHUS after every bite! The neighboring tables were cracking up, and one lady stopped to ask if they were quad-tooples- which had me snickering and giggling. I think she meant to say, Are they quadruplets, but you know- just a technicality. Smiling, I said they were triplets plus a bonus baby (pointing to Charlotte) which left her all cross eyed and scratching her head. I totally confused the woman.

You see, dining out, even at lunchtime with all my cuties, really is mind-boggling to most people. I am a fly by the seat of my pants kind of gal and to me, sitting at home micro-managing them would be insane, but taking them out for lunch is FUN. Fajitas on Fridays are fabulous and sometimes we are entertained in ways I never anticipated. Quadtooples, hilarious.

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Kerry said...

Our twins attract lots of attention, so I cannot imagine all that your FOUR get! They are darling!

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