Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blooms and Butterflies are Breathtaking

Argenida and I took the children on a real field trip. As much as I love my hair brained little side trips, this one is legit. We went to the Blooms and Butterfly exhibit at the Franklin Park Conservatory and were totally in awe of the spectacular show. This is a must see when you are in Columbus.

It is a beautiful combination of plants, flowers, Dale Chihuly art glass and butterflies all inside an indoor garden.

The kids watched as "the Butterfly lady" gathered all of the recently hatched butterflies.

We got an up close and personal little tour as she released them into the conservatory plant and water garden. Argenida and the kids were mesmerized by the real butterflies and their unique colors. They were so brilliant and vibrant they looked fake. Once they took off in flight around us there was no doubt about their liveliness.

Some of the butterflies landed on our fingers and clothing and were a photo opp like no other. It was an awesome sight for the kids as you can plainly see.

I took 212 images and completely drained my camera battery trying to capture every moment of this experience. It was so breathtaking!

The kids discovered the indoor koi pond. There were huge "goldfish" swimming among the Chihuly art glass balls.

The coins that have been thrown into the water really give a perspective of the enormous size of these fish. My kids threw the little fish kibble into the water and watched as the giant fish gobbled it up. Eli and CJ called the biggest one the Daddy fish and then Natalie piped in and showed them the Mommie fish who was big, but petite in comparison to the Daddy. (contrary to what they learned from coloring with their own father?)

The Franklin Park Conservatory is just plain fun. Here are just a few more images worth sharing.

When you are in Columbus and you need to take a break from everyday life, you can lose your breath in natures' beauty...just spend some time on a field trip to the Franklin Park Conservatory.


The Wright Trips said...

Wow! I wanna go, I wanna go! It looks like you all had a really good time. Those butterflys were amazing. And I love the picture where Natalie is on her belly with the boys. Too cute!


Ava and the Trips said...

That looks amazing! I would love to go and we are only 2 hours away from Columbus.

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