Sunday, April 5, 2009

Birthday Bash and Bargains

How can you resist a post with a title like this? You simply can't look away. Who doesn't love birthdays and bargains? This weekend we schlepped all the kids and Argenida to Cincinnati to celebrate cousin Linda's 50th birthday. We stayed in a hotel (thanks again Priceline)and we stopped at the outlet mall for some winter bargains for next year.

Take a look at this loot.

The Hartstrings Outlet in Jeffersonville sent me a coupon that offered a discount on the entire purchase- it included sale and clearance goods, so the more you spent the more you saved. The coupon added up to an additional 25% off for spending more than $200. I scoured the store for the best possible values and only bought items that were 80% off retail. After piling up the clothes on the counter I realized I was only $11 shy of spending $200- so I added a couple more pairs of boys' pants and got an additional 25% off the total, which was a savings of another $50. Here is my receipt so you can see that I am not bullshitting youthe original retail is $850, yet when it is all said and done, I spent $157.93 including tax! Now we have 10 pairs of boys' pants, 4 cotton vests, 2 button up shirts, 2 fancy sweaters for Natalie and 2 coordinating skirts. Poor Charlotte missed out on this sale because the little sizes were really picked over. Not to worry though, I have saved all of Natalie's finest for her and she will not be deprived.

We finally made it to Cincy and got the kids settled in at the hotel. CJ made himself comfy and curled up with the notepad and pen he found on the desk.He wrote a few short lines about his vacation and was quite pleased with the way the chair felt. He was very vocal about how beautiful our hotel room was- he said, "Mommie it is soooo gorgeous!" Natalie has her Zagat style potty ratings and now CJ is reviewing hotels.

We met up with the Slutsky/Ungar group at Olives in the groovy Clifton area. The party was a total blast, especially since Argenida graciously offered to babysit so we could go alone. It was Jeff's actual birthday so we made it a little date night and killed two birds with one stone. We got our drinks on and spent time with the family in a trendy restaurant cellar.

This was a really fun group of people except for Jeff's brothers, Nahhhh, just kidding. We all had a wonderful time wining and dining in honor of Linda.

The food was amazing
there were scrumptious appetizers and these crab cakes that were really delish. I loved the sugar cookies with a photo of Baby Linda on them.
How darling! The BIG birthday cake was spectacular it was from Bon Bonerie and it looked like Lilly Pulitzer designed it. It tasted even better than it looked too, with a really buttery icing and mousse cake filling. Sorry- no pics of the sliced cake because I was too busy shoving into my pie hole, or cake hole to whip out my camera. Trust me, it was heavenly.

Linda is 50. Can you believe that this woman is really half a century old? She is tall, thin and fabulous- check out the retro cool dress she wore- if I had a bod with legs like this, I would wear it too. Foxy! Linda and Peter are incredibly well suited and we wish we got to hang out with them more often. Just a few months ago I was blogging about my 4-0 and all the festivities and now, I have personally witnessed a woman celebrating 5-0 and let me just say, it ain't bad at all.

Wheeew! What a weekend. We managed to cram as much activity as possible into about 36 hours. Birthdays, Bashes, and Bargains- it was my kind of fun.

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