Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Another Pasta Post

I made a gallon (stock pot) sized batch of tomato basil marinara sauce yesterday. I made homemade gluten free mini meatballs (121 of them) and the kids destroyed their dinner. I have been showing them how to twirl pasta by using a spoon to help in assisting the fork, like the Italians.

In theory this is easy to do, but when you are three it is a chance to ooosh and gooosh, splish and splash the sauce everywhere- which is why they are eating it in their underwear.

They really enjoyed themselves and there is nothing more I can say about the meal, except that by the time I lovingly shopped for the ingredients, painstakingly prepared it all, served it with a smile, ate it, cleaned it and the kids up, and stored the leftovers for future meals, I was exhausted. Now where did I put those Orange Shirts?

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