Tuesday, March 3, 2009

YES! I have my hands full

I remember when the triplets were about 3 months old and I could not go anywhere with the triple decker stroller without somebody saying I had my hands full. Of all the unsolicited remarks this is the most popular and the least offensive, so I just got used to it. I know that people are just in awe of three babies- especially triplets and it is the "cool factor" that makes them say something. I understand that the average person means well, and makes the gesture to comment out of kindness. I dread the comment because it is one of those statements that does not warrant a response, but attempts to engage me into a conversation- and I usually just smile, nod and agree, because in all honesty, yeah, I am busy. Busy is never boring and I am okay with that. Hands full, Yup. Gott-em!

Over the years I have had photos taken of me, with my hands full of babies. It used to be easy to hold all three of the triplets in my arms. As they get older I still try to capture these photos although now, it is a challenge. I still hear the comments from the general public, especially since Charlotte is always in tow, but now I have thicker skin and my smile and nod is still sincere. I just made a screen saver slide show on my monitor, and when I get flustered and overwhelmed because I am legitimately outnumbered by my own children, I can see that I literally have my hands full. It is my own inside, private joke. Here are my favorite images of my babies, filling my heart and my hands!

Note: to all readers who encounter a parent of multiples in public- just smile and if you feel you must say something, say, "Oh wow, you are so lucky!" and leave it at that. PSA from me to you.


Ava and the Trips said...

As a fellow momma of triplets, I couldn't agree more with this post! I get so sick and tired of, wow you must have your hands full! Love reading your blog!

The Wright Trips said...

Gorgeous pictures! You have a beautiful family. I wish I had more pics of me & the three!


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