Saturday, March 7, 2009

Where is Mrs. Obama?

Our 44th President, Barack Obama was in Columbus to attend a police cadet graduation ceremony. The chaos caused by such a visit is crazy. Traffic in and around my office is at a stand still, the roads are blocked and the whole city is on hold. I was just excited that I got to watch Air Force One land- I saw it making the approach to CMH from my office window. I was so jazzed that I considered taking photos, but that would be silly, right? I mean, watching Barack Obama from the comfort of my office chair is in fact blog worthy, right?

Air Force One was parked at the airport as I hurried to get the triplets home from pre-school. I thought this was the ultimate hair-brained scheme for an after school field trip, so I hustled the kids over to the terminal to try to catch a glimpse of the Commander in Chief. We got rock star viewing
from just across the fence in a secured parking lot-
right by the restricted area. There were a few police officers and a K-9 unit, which almost upstaged the President, least for Neatums anyhow. CJ was more enthused with throwing rocks,

Natalie was far more entertained twirling in her dress, and Eli was gathering sticks and balancing on the parking lot balance beams. We did get to see the motorcade
and watch his plane depart for Washington. CJ kept asking, "Where is Mrs. Obama?" I said, "Mrs. Obama is back in Washington taking care of the girls, and running the White House!" CJ said, "Yeah Mommie, you are right!"

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