Thursday, March 19, 2009

What not to wear

I do love the TLC show by the same title. It takes me back to the personal shopper years I spent advising people in the dressing room at Nordstrom. Nowadays I spend my time dressing 4 little people and more time undressing them for messy meals.

We found some all natural, trans-fat free, gluten free, kosher, miniature (individual serving size) chocolate mousse cups on clearance at Costco. I had seen them in the past but could not justify the price, so when they were $3.97 for the box I decided to indulge the masses.

While we were dining in the snack bar I decided to let the kids have one. I opened the box, grabbed some spoons from the counter and I could not strip them down to their underwear right there in the middle of Costco, so I just let them have at it. I should have known it would be a gooey, sticky, staining disaster. They loved these little chocolate mousse cups. They loved them all over themselves and each other.

Their smiles and giggles of enthusiasm made people stop and stare to see what they were eating. The package says they are single portions but when 3 Three year olds can polish one off in about 30 seconds, they are by my standards, skimpy. Once the cups were empty there was a fair amount of disappointment and an even more pronounced whining. To solve the problem I had to trot up to the counter and order a frozen yogurt to refill their little containers. Note to self- bring little dixie cups from home next time, and order one fro yo split four ways.

Next time we go to Costco my kids will be wearing some ratty souvenir t-shirts and old jeans. Polo and Lacoste shirts are what NOT to wear to Costco.

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Kerry said...

Your Costco looks like a ghost town. Where is everyone?

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