Sunday, March 1, 2009

Their tee shirts do not lie

As proof that I am not too proud to let my kids wear gently used clothing, I scored these fabulous tee shirts at the infamous twins sale. I would have paid full price for them brand new but when Target sold them a year ago, they were depleted of my needed sizes. It was just my lucky day to find all four matching shirts for fifty cents each! CHA-CHING!

Here they are making their first blog debut,
Team Slutsky in My Parents are Exhausted! You will notice Eli jumping off of Jeff who is trying to rest on the couch. Like the title of the post says, the shirts do not lie.

He was non-stop full throttle tonight and fortunately I was able to capture some action shots while he was modeling the tee. Charlotte was just posing ever so daintily

and CJ was all smiles off the camera. I used some gluten free gingersnaps as a bribe in case you are curious. My parents are exhausted- the shirts do not lie- I am off to bed, before 8:00 on Sunday night.

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