Thursday, March 26, 2009

R Bistro is Our Bistro in Indianapolis

Jeff and I had the pleasure of dining at R Bistro- the menu changes based on the availability of fresh ingredients and the food is as artistic as it is delicious. The rave reviews on line do not do it justice. As a connoisseur of the independently owned small restaurants, this particular venue is a first rate example of dining heaven. We joked that this is "no Olive Garden."

I was sure of one thing when I made the dinner reservation-

I was certain that the group of people at our table would be incredible, I was not as confident about the meal until we sat down and devoured it. I had every intention of showing you all the glorious photos of our gourmand selections but in my haste to consume the amazing items I only had the where with all to take one picture. Please accept my apologies and enjoy the image of the sea scallop nachos-lavosh triangles grilled and topped with pesto and guacamole and the freshest seared scallops. They were almost too pretty to eat. There were three bottles of a fab cab and a few cocktails too, so the conversation was at an all time high. I was planning to write a post that was more of a glowing restaurant review than a sermon, but after eating at R Bistro in Indianapolis I decided to curb my creative rant about the cuisine (sans the pictorial of the entrees)- and focus on the good time we experienced in the bistro itself.

We were joined (we were coming apart Jeff? hee hee) by
Steve Rizzo, Scott and Tammy McKain, and our Consumers' Choice Award co-workers from Columbus. The insane laughter was generated from Steve's impressions and jokes. Enjoying dinner with a professional stand up comedian should be done at your own risk- trust me. It was hard to eat because we were all laughing so hard. Our crazy table of nine people was just off the kitchen in the back where none of the other patrons would be disturbed by our squealing and giggling. That was a wise decision from our hostess.

Start Sermon now: I love hanging out with Tammy and Scott. We went to their lovely wedding a few years ago. Ever since we watched them exchange vows we have been fans of their friendship. Since they met on-line and have a moderate age difference between them too, we have so much in common. Quite simply, we are two couples in love, but more importantly we genuinely like our spouses. I like and love Jeff and the same is true of the McKains. We like hanging out with our husbands and these husbands love and respect their wives. It does not matter where we eat, or what we do, we just connect- and that is so refreshing and just plain cool. Have you ever had dinner with another couple that fought and were miserable? There is nothing worse than being a referee to your friends. With the McKains it is effortless to have a great time. Keep in mind that Tammy and I were in high school when our husbands already had careers. It cracks us all up to do the math and comparisons but when we are together there is not an age difference at all- it is just everyday life, real moments and pure joy. Our dining at R Bistro would have been aptly called OUR BISTRO based on how much we adore saying us, or we or our. As in plural, a team, or a couple.

Next time you are in Indianapolis I recommend R Bistro, and if you go there double check the sign out frontWe may convince them to change the spelling to OUR BISTRO.

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