Saturday, March 7, 2009

Purim and Daylight Savings time do not mix

What genius decided to schedule the Purim Carnival for the first day of Daylight Savings? Do you folks have any idea how precious ONE HOUR of sleep is on Sunday morning? So yeah, I am a bit cranky- I did not get enough zzzz's before I had to feed, dress and load all four little people into the van in time for the annual Purim Carnival.

Ahhhh Purim- I do love a holiday that honors a Queen. If they were celebrating Moi, Queen Helene, not Queen Esther I might be more inclined to wake up early and get my ass to the social hall on time. But let's keep it real- Purim is a fun holiday for children, and I have four of those, so I must suck it upand join them in the spirit of all things Purim. Hip Hip Hooray for Purim, right?

I already baked enough gluten free Hamantashen to last a lifetime, I have gathered all the leftover Halloween costumes for a proper Jewish recycling and debut at the Purim Preschool Parade, and I took the kids to a Purim story reading at Barnes and Noble

where we listened to what a "bad man" Haman is and made groggers to drown out the sound of his name. Let's put it this way- prior to this early morning carnival outing I had already done my fair share of Purim and guess what? Purim officially begins on Tuesday. What ever happened to celebrating a holiday on the actual holiday? I swear nowadays the one day celebrations are maxed out into a week long non-stop social session. Halloween is a week long event with decorating and costume parties. Valentines Day used to be those crappy candy conversation hearts and some tiny cards stuffed into tiny envelopes. Lately I have noticed that Valentines day has become so commercialized that it is no longer a day- it is Valentines MONTH! St. Patrick's Day was wearing some green and eating corned beef- now there are parades, green beer, and putting up green (Christmas) lights on houses. Don't forget about it is not a festival, it is a chance to one up our Christian friends for eight nights. I say enough already. I have too many kids and not enough dough to pull out all the stops for all these so-called holidays. Bah Humbug!

How can I stay so jaded about Purim (and all the other glorious holidays for that matter) when I see the smiling faces of the kids having such an awesome time?

Truth is- I can't do it. I cave. I have to realize that these types of events are not about me and my needs,(shocking) they are precious memories in the minds of the children. So with that in mind I did my best to party it up for Purim. Wooo hoo for Purim!

Now if only Jeff could gather the same fine attitude and incredible enthusiasm for Mother's Day? Wishful thinking huh?


The Wright Trips said...

Okay Helene, I wanna know how long it takes you to get those kids ready. You are the woman! Every picture I see, I think "OMG, they are so adorable!" The girls always have big bows in their hair...even when you are lounging at home.

It looks like you all had a great time. I need to read up on the traditions! :)


Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

okay Shannon- remember, Natalie is obsessed and neurotic about the bows- so she painstakingly selects them herself with some guidance on color. I lay out their outfits the night before so there is no frantic search for missing socks and underwear. You are also forgetting that I choose to decorate my kids rather than clean my house. Notice all the photos taken inside the house are in one room...ever wonder why you never see the upstairs??? Thanks for making me feel good about the kids appearance, it makes up for the fact that my home is a total disaster

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