Friday, March 27, 2009

Our Three Stooges

Have you heard that there will be a new Stooges movie? My office could not stop over analyzing the news. Sean Penn will be cast as Larry- which does seem odd. Since all the Slutskys are stooges people it was a lively topic over coffee.

While everyone was chatting it up about the new film, I searched my computer files for this photo. This was our very first photograph of our triplets. At the time of the ultrasound I was bleeding and we feared I had gotten my period and were no longer pregnant. The sonographer was astonished to find three gestational sacs, and no sign of a miscarriage. I was stunned and Jeff was, of course, making jokes. He was naming every possible set of threes: Huey, Duey, Louie, and Alvin, Simon, Theodore, and Jesus, Mary and Joseph, but as the ultimate Three Stooges fan he was fixated on calling these embies Larry, Curly and Moe.He jokingly told the sonographer to label them as such- And she did! We later discovered after the results of our CVS testing, that it was really Larry, Curly and Moe-reen.

I can't wait for the Daddy Stooge to take my three stooges to the new movie! With the kids stooging, wiggling and giggling for two hours in a dark, crowded theater without Mommie, I wonder who will cry first, the kids or the Daddy? Nuyck Nucyk Nucyk


Kerry said...

Helene~This sonogram pic was taken on my birthday. I was pregnant with my twins at the time and had to rush to the doctor because of bleeding on the same day! I believe it was Friday the 13th!

loren said...

If you're taking bets, I'd guess the daddy will cry first :)

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