Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our New Playground

Our neighborhood has a community park that runs along side the back of the subdivision. Last week they installed a brand new playground.We officially checked it out yesterday when the weather was a balmly 60 degrees and clear!

I schlepped the tricycles and push car so that the kids could practice riding in the large parking lot that is meant for all the soccer parents. The soccer fields share the lot so before the Spring season kicks off, (pun intended) we can use the wide open asphalt space to learn how to steer and pedal. Once we got to the playground the trikes were abandoned for the new equipment.

Before I could secure the van and un-buckle Charlotte from her seat, Eli was zooming down the big slide. He was so proud of himself until he slid right into the huge muddy puddle of water at the bottom end of the green plastic. It was all fun until he has soaked his jeans from the tush dowm-- within the first 30 seconds of our arrival. Normally I would have changed him and gone about our business, but the van was parked too far for me to leave the kids unsupervised, and there was no way in hell I was going to coax them away from the new wonderland. I am not too proud to let my son play in his boxer shorts. They were clean and dry which is more than I could say for his jeans, so we just improvised and rolled with it. Thankfully there weren't any other kids there and he could enjoy the surroundings in his stylish boxers. This is another reason why the boys do not wear tighty whiteys- ewwww, can you imagine if he was strutting around the playground in some fruit of the looms? He would have been on the neighborhood watch list for little pervs.

Natalie announced that she had a new recipe for mulch pie and she was teaching her brothers how to make it.

Instead of just showing them how to make her famous mulch pie she micromanaged their every move until they were no longer interested in making pies with her. Hmmmm, I suppose the apple does not fall far from the tree. I have no idea where she learned that kind of behavior. (total sarcasm)

There are four swings at this location and I would have thought my kids would want to all swing at the same time, but they had no interest at all in swinging side by side, so they took turns and went in shifts.

I was glad that no one solicited my babysitting services and we got to have the new digs to ourselves. I decided to raise my rate for field trips- in case you are interested I charge a flat per hour rate of $100 now- anyone need a sitter? Trust me your kids won't be bored or get cabin fever.

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