Monday, March 9, 2009

Oh those curls

My children have no hope of having naturally straight hair. It is just not possible. You see when my adoring husband was younger he had very curly hair- all right, he had a jew fro. Keep in mind he is a high school graduate of the 1970's which explains the clothing, but when I say he has a fro, I am not lying.When you quit laughing your ass off, realize that these genes make up half of the cute kids you see on this blog. He can't be that bad.

Some things are simply genetic. Mitchell has Jeff's kinky curly hair too, and like his father, when his hair grows it gets taller, not longer. Thankfully, Natalie and Amanda have beautiful curly ringlet hair, the kind most people pay for with a perm. Amanda uses a flat iron to erase the curls, and Natalie is so obsessed with ribbons and bows that she has not realized that she could be straightening her hair for 30 minutes every morning....yet. For now she is just happy to have ponytails and bows.

The verdict is still out on Charlotte though. Some days her hair is wavy and lately her hair is downright curly. These are the soft, springy curls that are just about the prettiest thing around. My kids are genuinely lucky that they got good hair. I guess we can attribute that to their daddy. Mommie wears a wig and has hair that changes weekly- texture, color, and all. So when you look my children you can thank Jeff for making sure the Jew fro in combination with my flat and lifeless hair created some curly cutie pies. Oh those curls, don't you just love them!


The Wright Trips said...

OMG! Is that seriously his real hair? I'm lovin' it. Gotta love those groovin 70's.

Jessica said...

OMG. I honestly really just about died. That photo is PRICELESS. He's a wicked good sport for letting you post that!! :) Handsome but huge fro, for sure!!

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

yes....that is his real hair, not a wig, like mine. That photo was edited to remove the background because I used that image (scanned from his senior portrait) for tee shirts I made for a surprise party a few years back. I am not sure which part of that photo cracks me up more, his hair, his side burns, his glasses, or his clothing? Regardless, this is my man, and I am love him- jew fro and all.

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