Monday, March 16, 2009

Mural by Charlotte Slutsky as influenced by Larry Winget and Jackson Pollack

You can add one more thing to what I have in common with Octomom, Nadya Suleman. We both have crayon marks on our walls. I cringe as I hear the media criticize her for this, because anyone with children, especially a ton of them, knows there are somethings you can't prevent no matter how hard you try. The general public might think this is outrageous, but I am a medicated, easy going mama that sees the glass half full.

We have a baby-proofed playroom and it is gated and safe so that I can go to the bathroom or prep a meal without having to stay right on top of the kids. They are able to watch a dvd or an approved show by themselves. Recently they watched a PBS special about Jackson Pollack. Our kids learn what we teach them and my children love to learn about art and artists. From an early age Charlotte has been influenced by art- she loves to look at the original Larry Winget splatter painting we have hanging in the entry hall. Our friend Larry commissioned this especially for us as a wedding gift. He shared his passion for art over dinner at his lovely home in Paradise Valley, AZ.At the time we were dining on grilled asparagus, which is why he titled this piece just that, "Grilled Asparagus". If you look closely at the lower right hand corner you will see the green stalks.

Just this week Charlotte perfected her first real masterpiece. She is a talented artist at 20 months of age. This mural was created using our granny smith apple green accent wall as the canvas. It is mixed media of crayon and colored pencils and is her first important work. I know most parents would try to remove the marks, or cover them up, but not me. Not now. Maybe someday when we try to sell this house, or when there is no risk of a repeat performance, we might re-do the wall, For now, we are embracing the original art, showing it to our friends and guests like a proud gallery owner, and we are photographing the mural for the blog.

The Slutsky family proudly presents the work of Charlotte Slutsky in her first exhibition called, "Unsupervised Playroom 2009."

This is a limited engagement so hurry on over to see it. Thanks to Larry Winget, Jackson Pollack and the Crayola Company for your influence and participation. Charlotte could not have done it without you.


Aaryn said...

OMG! Glad that wasn't under my watch, I would have freaked out....

Andy said...

I am so PROUD of my accomplished artist Granddaughter. I alwalys knew that she was GIFTED. YOU GO GIRL. Granma Andy is really proud, and will boast to all. Love, G.A.

Michele S said...

That is hilarious. I can't believe how beautiful the first painting is and that you got that for a wedding present. GORGEOUS!

The wall looks nearly as good. What a little cutie!

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