Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mommie gets a Mojito Martini thanks to Daddy, Trattoria Roma and

Everyone knows how much I love a good deal. Bargains are my thing. and martinis. Can you imagine the high I get from a combination of the two? Oy Vay already!See this relaxed and smiling pose, it is the result of an absolute great evening out at a fraction of the normal price. I have discovered the amazing steals on restaurant gift certificates from This website sells vouchers to local restaurants for pennies on the dollar. The certificates are really value added dollars, or heavy coupons, rather than a cash equivalent gift cards per say, whatever you choose to call the awards, they make the difference between paying full price and getting a deal.

Last night we redeemed a certificate for Trattoria Roma in Grandview. I saw them listed on and decided to give them a whirl.

The atmosphere was charming, and the food was very tasty. Jeff had risotto with tiger shrimp and I had a Marsala pasta with chicken. We each had a salad and some rustic Italian bread before my horny husband ordered me a second cocktail by winking at our waiter. The second mojito martini was even more spectacular. Thankfully I was not driving and was able to really relax and enjoy some adult conversation without Dora and Diego shrying in the background. Going out for dinner and drinks is a guilty pleasure when you have kids at home. I got all dressed up, wore lipstick, and savored every moment of my date night out with Jeff. Trattoria Roma was a hit, especially using our deeply discounted offer from sadly I just seem to enjoy myself more if I know we are taking advantage of a promotional offer. I am a cheap date I guess. (I am waiting to Jeff to leave a comment on that one, I wonder what "the husband" will say?)

FYI- Every so often this site offers the certificates at 80% off the normal cost with a special offer code. In other words, a restaurant may have a $25 gift certificate that you can normally buy on for $10. During the sale, the promo code makes it 80% off, or $2. Of course you have to read the fine print, and there are often day of the week redemption restrictions, but all in all, you really can't go wrong. Some of the establishments require that you spend more than a certain dollar amount before validating the coupon and all of them require you to tip your server on the pre-discounted total. These are just common sense rules and regulations with any coupon- but if you know that going into the place, it is all good. In Columbus they have restaurants all over town in various price points and in the KC area, Tatsu's participates on the site- and I love Tatsu's! I will give you all a heads up next time the sale is in effect- then we can all go out and have a great time. I might even bring "the husband" on my cheap date.

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