Monday, March 30, 2009

Loud, Louder, Loudest

It is loud in our house. It was loud before we added the triplets and Charlotte but nowadays it is down right deafening. It seems as though there is always some kind of "background noise" like a DVD or kids program and music, ceiling fans, doorbells, cell phones, the dishwasher, the washer and dryer, the garbage disposal and then we add: Toys that make noise, high pitched signing, books with buttons that have animated sound, trucks that beep and honk, a duck that says AFLAC when you squeeze it, jumping, clapping, silly laughter, stomping, dancing, shouting, slamming doors, banging instruments, louder singing and constant fighting.

Our kids are great with distinguishing the difference between an inside and outside voice when we are in a public place. Fine Dining- no problem, Doctors' Office- no problem, Library- no problem, when it comes to voice control on the road, we got it covered! To outsiders our kids are relatively peaceful and quiet. They are well behaved and well mannered outside of our home- which is a blessing. Come on over to our house and you will experience the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of sound for your listening dis-pleasure. It is really lively here in the homestead-- lively is a nice word for deafening. Ever wonder why I am always out of the house with four kids three years old and under on my hair-brained field trips? Field trips are quiet compared to our house.

As I watched Jeff engaging the kids in some kind of weird singing and physical torture game, I turned on the video cam and tried to capture a glimpse of the decibel level for reference. What you need to know is this: As soon as the camera was rolling, they all got vastly quieter.

Make sure your speakers are adjusted and then you can hear what I mean. Listen to this an imagine that this is toned down.

Jeff has always been hard of hearing- or at least he pretends to have selective hearing and sub-par listening skills, but now, after 3.5 years of constant child related chaos, I think we have a REAL problem! I am beginning to think he is really losing his hearing from prolonged exposure to living in our home. At what point is it just too loud around here? Should I squash their creative playing style and musical prowess for the sake of our ears or should I just get ear plugs and get used to it? What??? Speak up guys, I can't hear you!

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