Friday, March 13, 2009

Let's Do Gluten Free, Vegan, Kosher Ice Cream Cones

I almost forgot today is Gluten Free Friday. I did not do much cooking this week because I was way too busy having fun in Vegas. The kids ate from all the freezer meals I batch cooked, so they could have cared less that I was gone. They adore our overnight caregiver and feel so spoiled that they have been encouraging me to leave again. Nice huh? Yesterday I said,"Dora who?" and today the kids are saying, "Mommie? What Mommie?"

Tonight I found something amazing at Whole Foods. For their entire life of 3.5 years my kids have never had an ice cream cone. They indulge in ice cream but only when served in a bowl or a dish. Ice cream cones are traditionally made with gluten so they are off limits for CJ- and since we support him, we do not eat gluten products in front of him if there is not a comparable product to offer. Imagine the reaction when I gave my lovies their first real cone.

I filled each cone with this decadent coconut sorbet and explained in great detail how to eat it. CJ could not stop giggling with excitement. I am sure he felt as though he was missing out on one of childhoods most guilty pleasures, until now. The triplets sat in the booth and devoured their treats.

Passers by stopped to comment on how sweet it was to see such well behaved kids enjoying ice cream. They did not know that I had given them the evil eye about sitting on their tushies. I told them they could have the coconut cones while they were sitting quietly- one false move and it would have been party over, and they knew it.

So on this Gluten Free Friday I am shouting from the monitor....Whole Foods sells gluten free ice cream cones! They are made by Let's Do and are shaped like the traditional cake (flat bottom) conesThey are kosher- a product of Israel, vegan, gluten free and they appear to be normal- in other words, they look like the regular cones.

Do you think the fine folks at Graeter's will fill em up for us? I will gladly let Aaryn find out when she takes my children to the "ice cream store!"

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Aaryn said...

Can't wait to test them out!!!!

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