Friday, March 13, 2009

Las Vegas Highlights- Part Two

The highlight of the trip to Las Vegas was my lunch with Michele S and my dinner with Thom Sesma & Barry Klein. These were two tasty meals with endless, stimulating, adult conversation. I could get used to dining and whining every day and night. Kids what kids? Dora who?

Michele is another triplet blogging mama with a set of GGB triplets and a bonus baby just 17 months younger. She is two years ahead of me in the adventure so I can learn from her. She has the kind of real life wisdom I can use. Needless to say we have a lot in common. She has Greg and I have Jeff, both husbands do not “get” the whole blog thing and we are teased about our dedication to our faithful readers. We met for lunch at the CafĂ© Nordstrom and gabbed over our meal. I almost ate a huge piece of blue plastic that I found inside my mushroom ravioli- oddly, I was less than bothered by it, and continued eating as if there was not a problem. Only another mom of multiples would not have been grossed out. Hell, I watch my kids eat food from underneath the cushions on the couch so a random piece of plastic- peshhhhaw, no big whoop. Michele’s kids have eaten food samples that fell on the floor of Sam’s club -so when it comes to getting repulsed we are scarred and jaded to the point of no return. We did score two big bowls of berries and whipped cream as a consolation prize. How the handle broke off into the pan of pasta is beyond me. Free berries as a peace offering- well received thank you.

After our proper lady like lunch I gave Michele the tour of the Trump. We had a cocktail waitress take some photos of us for our blogs.Between the two of us we have 8 kids age 5 and under. I think we look somewhat normal and sane, yet if you read our blogs you will know differently- but in a good way, right?

I brought Michele’s kids some of those gluten free, sugar free, dye free lollipops. She has a daughter that can’t tolerate food dyes, especially red dye #40. CJ is the same way and I know how fun it is for him to get red candy that he can actually eat. I brought the red raspberry and pink lemonade suckers to be kind. I did not know that isomalt (the main ingredient) is a laxative. The kids were so excited to get candy and Michele was more than willing to indulge them since, after all the lollipops are all natural and sugar free. After 3 pops a piece Michele’s kids were shitting their brains out and poor Greg and Michele thought they has a quadruple case of the rotovirus to deal with. Turns out it was my generous or not so generous hospitality gift. So I came to Vegas, met another internet pal for a face to face and poisoned her posse with poopy pops. Note to self, keep the lollipops on hand for future constipation problems. I am such a nice friend, NOT! What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Sorry Michele, really I am sorry.

As if lunch was not enough fun, Jeff and I met some friends
for dinner at the DJT restaurant located inside the hotel. Talk about a hoity toity swanky spot, the place just reeked expensive.We had the ultimate long table for 5 to enjoy a wonderful dinner. The 1985 Chateau Margaux is available at Donald Trump’s namesake restaurant for a mere $1880 a bottle, so we nixed that choice and went with a lovely French Cabernet that was 90% less money, but still a friggin fortune. After a glass and a half of the good stuff I was completely buzzed and would have been content to eat a bag of fritos and some bean dip for dinner. The four gentleman at my table ordered these organic, aged, prime, steaks served sizzling on a 450 degree plate. I could not resist being left out so I had to order one too. The side dishes of creamed spinach and risotto were totally rich and delicious. I could have made a meal from them alone. You should have seen how I tried in vain to finish my huge NY Strip. I would like to think that I have eaten some incredible steaks in my life, but none have compared with the special steak at the DJT. Dessert was ordered and shared, or should I say inhaled?
The tiramisu was a slice of heaven and the mega chocolate cake was gooey and smooth. Without belittling the food, which was spectacular, the company at the table was even more amazing.

Barry Klein is a longtime friend of Jeff. He is in the ad business too, only with a few hundred remarkable credits to his name. The man invented Ronald McDonald. What a claim to fame, huh? Barry is a brilliant storyteller, and we got to hear all about the good old days when he was recording jingles with Barry Manilow and opening the first Mickey Dees in Japan. Here is a piece of worthless information- did you know that in Japan, Ronald McDonald is called Donald McDonald? The Japanese people can’t pronounce Ronald, they would say Lonn-ald McDonald, so after some serious negotiations and at the urging of the Japanese franchisee, they changed the clown from Ronald to Donald. Hilarious! Stick around people, you might learn something here.

We also had our NYC pal Thom Sesma join our eclectic group. Thom is a famous Broadway actor who is currently playing the role of Scar in the Disney Lion King Las Vegas production. What are the chances that two of our favorite people (both non residents of Vegas) would be available to have dinner with us on the same night? Thom’s resume includes some television work as well as Broadway productions. I think Jeff is his biggest fan. Okay, Jeff and Nancy Opel anyhow. Listening to Thom reveal the fun facts behind the scenes of the Lion King show was fascinating. His character wears robotics controlled in his sleeve and operated by his hands. The singing, costumes, schedule and facts about the production of the show are mind boggling. Jeff was eager to mention that we had a South African au pair who spoke the native Zulu language. She taught us the Zulu word for Shit, which is SIMBA. Can you believe Disney named a main character in a children’s show after the Zulu word for shit? Another useless piece of information you can learn right here on my blog. You can thank me later. I just hope Jeff can get another booking in Sin City while Thom is still in town. It would be a hoot to take all the kids to see the Lion King at the Mandalay Bay and be able to meet the man inside the Scar costume.

I spent the entire day eating, drinking and chatting it up with the most entertaining people around. I seriously doubt that the stars will align like this in the future, but if they do, I am ready. Look out Priceline, I am itching for a deal on a 5 star hotel on the strip in Vegas, baby! Back to reality in Columbus, for now anyway.


Michele S said...

OMG! You have me in a complete hysteria. You have to read my blog today. Gregory told me he is never ever ever ever ever eating lollipops again and then all the others agreed. Now I'm going to use the threat of this experience to confiscate all their Halloween candy this year. You ROCK! I love it!

It was so nice to meet you and thank you so much for lunch. Hope you guys had a good flight home! xoxoxoxox

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

I am still laughing after reading your post...if our joint readers cross reference us they will know we are literally, NOT FULL OF SHIT....we could not make this stuff up if we tried.

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