Saturday, March 21, 2009

Jack-a-knees Steakhouse

Genji is a local Japanese Steakhouse restaurant, but if you ask my kids where they ate dinner last night, they would tell you at GIN-JEE the Jack-a-knees Steakhouse. I made them say it 100 times because hearing it just cracked me up.

Amanda is back for a few days during her Spring Break and the kids could not get enough of her. We went to dinner like a family and Amanda selected her personal favorite place.
Dani came along and loved on the kids too, I think they miss these girls so much. Eli just loves Danielle and I catch him checking out her cleavage all the time.
Oy, vay- at age three? Looking to the future, I am in so much trouble!

The triplets did really well at our Hibachi-Tapanayaki table. The chef put on a great show for them and he made an onion volcano, an egg roll on the spatula and threw veggies and shrimp into their mouths. Let me re-phrase that, he tried to throw food into the mouths of my children, but at age three they are lucky to catch it in their hands yet alone an open mouth. I kind of poo-poo-ed the whole process anyhow, I had to down play the episode so they would not try that stunt at home. As you can see- there were plenty of smiles

and lots of excitement and action. GENJI for toddlers is a great choice for special ocassions.

Eli wolfed down the soup using a wide Japanese soup spoon-

he loved the ability to shovel with it. Natalie used chopsticks

and proceeded to drink the yum yum dipping sauce when she wasn't using the chopsticks as straws. CJ was in heaven because we ordered him a special Gluten Free meal, veggies, rice and chicken made without soy sauce.

He ate an adult sized portion and then asked for more. The whole family enjoyed the meal and Jeff was barely annoyed by the children at the table because Genji is loud, crowded and entertaining. I swear we were there for an hour and a half and the whole crew sat like ladies and gentleman. I wish we could afford to eat here more often. Hey do me a favor, and run a special on Genji. My kids and I would thank you from the bottoms of our tummies.

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