Saturday, March 14, 2009

How much do you charge per hour?

Today I took all four of my monkeys to the indoor play space at McD by myself. I was engaging them and encouraging them to climb and slide and I was in the moment. I spent time playing along. I took them potty. I served them snacks that I brought from home and only bought some yogurt parfaits for them to eat. I let them play some more while I supervised them and drank my latte. It was fun. They were having a blast.

The exasperated parent of another couple of monkeys approached me and we started a conversation. She asked if I bring "them" here often? I said I try to come about once a week especially on cold or rainy days when playing outside is more difficult. She nodded. "What are their ages?" she asked. Pointing to them I said, "Eli is three, Charlotte is 20 months and CJ and Natalie are three also." The clueless mom goes on....after yammering about how well behaved her two kids are, she admits that she needs a break once in a while. I nod in agreement, and then she drops the bomb on me: she smiles and says,

"I have been looking for someone to watch my two for a few hours each week, how much do you charge per hour?"

She thought I was babysitting-----hilarious!

I thought maybe the conversation was headed in that direction, so I was cracking up on the inside and smiling on the outside. With my most serious look I said, "Oh, well, I have been charging $25 an hour for each child, so for your two children it would be $50 an hour. I swear she almost passed out, and in all seriousness she said, "Hummmph, no wonder- I noticed how you treat them with respect and really listen to them."

Yes, I listen to them, they are MY CHILDREN!

Muhahahaha- I am still laughing my ass off.

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