Thursday, March 12, 2009

Greetings from Las Vegas...part one

I tagged along with "the husband" for a 72 hour escape from my triplet mommie world, and I am blogging about my escapades in sunny Las Vegas. Jeff was booked to speak at the International Pizza Show and I thought it would be fun to return to the city where we met almost 7 years ago. (Thanks again J-Date.) We usually stay at the Venetian Hotel because that was the scene of the first date and I guess you could say it is where we fell in LOVE. Awwwww, cute, right? Or do want to puke a little?

We are Slutskys in bargain mode 24-7 so I bailed on the Venetian, even at the rock bottom recession price of $199 a night, and I used priceline instead. I accepted only 5 star properties on the strip (hoping for the Venetian) and scored The Trump Hotel for......drum roll please.......$73 a night including tax! The Trump Las Vegas is brand new and it is all things shiny, gold, sparkly and luxe.

It looks like the Donald himself threw up gold plating all over the lobby. The entire hotel is non-smoking and it is a refreshing change from all the nasty polluted lobbies and noisy casino hotels. As much as I love the Venetian in a sentimental way, I can't stand to walk through the heavy cloud of cig fog to eventually get to my room. There is nothing worse than a stinky, smoke filled wig. Trust me, EWWW! So let me tell you why you will want to stay at The Trump Las Vegas Hotel next time you come to Sin City.

The tall gold high rise right across the street from Fashion Show Mall is the ideal place to stay when you are in Vegas. The all suites Trump hotel was slated to be condos but is a hotel instead, so it has studio apartment style rooms, and one bedroom suites that feature gourmet mini kitchens and a spacious and well appointed pad.There is a Bosch microwave, a sub zero mini fridge and a wolf two burner range next to the deep stainless steel sink. I made quick trip to the local Trader Joe's
and stocked our kitchen with enough nibbles and nosh for our brief stay. Having a little kitchen in the room is a huge savings over room service or dining out for all meals and snacks. I took some photos with my own digital and you can see that the place is terrific and quite posh.We had a pull out sleeper sofa that would have been handy if we had brought a child, but we didn't and that was nice too. There are thick and lovely lined terry cloth robes,in the armoire style closets, white European sheets with a high thread count ( I would guess 500 plus) and a spa like marble and textured Italian glass bathroom featuring a walk in separate shower, jetted tub, and one of those addictive lighted magnified mirrors. I used to love those mirrors because I could examine my skin 10 times closerand take an inventory on youthful pores- now I can kiss those days good-bye, because those pesky mirrors just make my flaws appear enormous. Until I start botox, restylane and get back on my Jan Marini regimen, I am swearing off spending any time in front of the 10x.

This hotel charges a $15 a day service fee which includes unlimited in and out valet parking, use of the health club and bottled water in the room. Anyone who travels regularly knows that is a bargain. Most places nickel and dime you at 10 times retail for these features and I appreciate paying a single, reasonable amount in one full swoop.The Spa Trump looked amazing but I could not justify the price of the services at this time. The pool and health club are state of the art, but I did not work out (shocking) because as I was lolly gagging in the jetted tubwhile sipping champagne from Traders and reading a local magazine. As I read an article titled LOOK GOOD NAKED, about Jeff Monroe I decided for the sake of community service I would not dare work out at the Trump.This is the former model, turned personal trainer who works full time at the hotel's gym. According to the story, Jeff Monroe is Las Vegas' secret weapon for transforming bodies into treasures. I like to think I look decent fully clothed but was I going to showcase my cellulite and jiggles in front of him, ugh, yeah, that would be a big fat no! (pun intended) I never made it to the pool,it looked lovely but since I am trying to avoid direct sun exposure on my skin and my swimming suit is less than flattering, I thought it best to just shop instead of swim.

The Trump location faces Nordstrom right on Fashion Show Mall Drive, so if you are looking to just cross the street do get retail therapy, this is a perfect choice. I did my fair share of research on trends, prices and styles and I am proud to say,I escaped without temptation. I visited with my old boyfriends, Manolo Blahnik, Christian Dior, Jimmy Choo, Giorgio Armani, Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutain and my favorite ladies, Tory Burch, Coco Chanel, Jo Malone, and Donna Karan. While at Neiman Marcus I spied a Chanel jacket that was screaming my name- it was the most incredible piece of wearable art I have ever seen. Thankfully for Jeff I came to my senses when I did the rough math and said to myself, hmmmm....a year of preschool for one child, or this hounds tooth boucle CC buttoned frock? You know that the salespeople are desperate for commission these days and I was shocked that the Chanel lady volunteered to give me her cell phone number in case I decided I had to have the jacket. Can you imagine being that eager to make a sale? Statements like that make me glad I am not standing around in a shop waiting for a paycheck to walk in the door. I did take note that the stores were busy, I mean busy with people making purchases. I know this is Vegas and it is not real life but when all you see here on television are commercials for bankruptcy and foreclosure attorneys it is hard to imagine people are really spending money on high end shit. Meanwhile, the locals are in serious trouble. I was glad to my part to contribute to the local economy by paying the ridiculous sales tax on every possible taxable product or service. I wonder if the Las Vegas Tourism marketing team is planning to change the slogan from What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas to something more appropriate, like What happens in Vegas requires legal counsel.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the absolute highlight of the trip!
The Queen

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Whoa, this is so awesome! I like bargains, and this is so exciting!

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