Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Farewell Old Friend

The Step 2 company has discontinued making the choo choo wagon. This happened a few years ago and it caused a riot of black market choo choo sales on eBay. Used wagons were selling for $500. Keep in mind that the train cost about $99 for the two passenger purple and green wagon, and the orange trailers were about $50 each. Talk about an example of supply and demand. Once the price plateaued at around $500 for months, the Step 2 company started making them again and the new productions sold for about $150- which meant the supply was available and the demand was exhausted. If you sold your used wagon during the discontinued time you stood to make a killing after your kids used the wagon for months. I had a feeling history was repeating itself. I decided to strike while the iron was hot.

Now that the price of these used wagons is sky-rocketing I thought it wise to say good-bye to my old friend. I listed and sold our beloved 4 car wagon on EBay. It was time. The triplets would much rather walk these days and when Charlotte sees them walking she says, "me too!" and she walks along side. The only time we really have a need for such a contraption is when we take all the kids to the zoo.

This past weekend we took the wagon, loaded with kids to the zoo. As you saw a few days ago the weather was ideal, cool enough to pull all four cars around the whole zoo. We bid a sentimental farewell and gave the kids the last hoorah.

I was sure to dress the kids in the orange "my parents are exhausted" shirts (times 4) so that everyone and their uncle would notice us. After all it was our final good-bye and I felt as though I might miss all the attention we attract. I am a mom of multiples attention whore, right? Oh, NOT!

As you have seen a million times on this blog, the choo choo wagon with four cars is a must have when you are schlepping four kids three and under anywhere. The choo choo wagon train is a mom of multiples best friend. This is a highly coveted piece of gear for those with twins, triplets, quads or a litter.

So long old friend I bid you a fine farewell. Keep on Chugga Chugga Chuckin along. I hope your new family loves you as much as we did.

PS- Please take note of Jeff's sweatshrit- it says Old Guys Rule-so it was especially funny (to me) to see 4 cuties with "my parents are exhausted" being pulled around the zoo by "Old Guys Rule." Maybe I should just say, FML!


Emily and Drew said...

We are looking high and low for a four car Choo Choo Wagon. I have about one year to find one so I hope Step 2 steps up and starts producing them again. I will need it with my soon to be 2 year old, newborn in July, and my sisters twins in Sept.

Kerry said...

How much did the train go for?

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Sorry Kerry- I just saw your comment...it sold for $430 with shipping included. So, after listing fees, paypal percentage, and actual shipping the net was about $290.

I was really sad to see it go. Even for that price

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