Sunday, March 22, 2009

Exhausted Parents try to Exhaust their children

In an effort to wear the kids out Jeff and I took them to the zoo. It was the perfect day to schlep all four kids out and around in the beautiful sunshine. We are still trying to maximize our annual zoo membership.

The kids were in complete awe of the tiger behind the glass. He was pacing back and forth as if to try to scare the kids.

My crew got an up close and personal visit with this amazing creature. This alone was worth the "price" of admission.

The picnic lunch I packed was a hodge podge of gluten free goodies and it was nice not to buy outrageously over-priced and unhealthy food.
Poor Jeff needed a diet coke so badly, and yet at $2.50 a bottle in the vending machine he respectfully did without, I was proud of him. We are in a recession so spending $2.50for a 20 ounce bottle of poison, I mean Diet Coke, is a bad idea.

Since "the husband" was with us, I made him take pictures of me with the children. See, kids, I really went places with you.

Since I am normally the one behind the camera it is a refreshing change to see myself in the photos on the blog. Damn, I look cute.

After the zoo outing we took our own monkeys to the McD in Dublin. They played and played until their eyes were droopy and they could barely walk to the van. We loaded them up and drove home. This is what it looks like when the exhausted parents return the favor on their children.

I would have driven for miles and miles just to keep them asleep for another hour or 2 or 3 or 4 hours(?)

Instead of going home and letting them make an enormous mess I drove to the neighborhood playground and let them soak up more sunshine.

They played so nicely for over an hour. I was able to sit back, relax and enjoy the sun too. It was almost dinnertime when Jenska, Andrea and Jessica came to join us.

My kids absolutely adore these girls. It is such a treat for them to get undivided attention from someone besides Mommie.

The kids are in bed as I type this. They were/are legitimately exhausted. My evil plan to overstimulate them has worked. Great Success as Borat would say. I am off to bed now- I need an orange tee shirt that says, My Children are Exhausting.

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