Thursday, March 19, 2009

Born Together, Friends Forever

Lately I have noticed the triplets are posing when I try to take photos. Natalie has been gently putting her arms around her brothers and trying to get cozy with them. They have been offering hugs at random. I think they really do love each other!

Are these really my children? I have tried in vain for years to pose them together and after they were about 4 months old it became impossible to get one decent image of all three unless they were buckled into the Choo Choo wagon and had little choice in the matter. I have been looking back at the picture taken on my due date- of course they were tiny, sleeping and stuffed into a wicker basket, so they did not have a choice,but until recently this was the stereotypical, posed photo of my triplets. Awwwwwe, so loving and sweet, then and now....can you believe they were born together and will be friends forever?

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The Wright Trips said...

I believe they DO really love each other! It certainly does look as though they are getting their "Posse Pose" down. Beautiful kiddos, as always!


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