Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wester Bill

This morning the kids enthusiastically asked me if they could go to Wester-bill. I knew they meant Westerville, but I made them say it like 40 times because it cracked me up. "Why do you want to go there?" I asked. I was not prepared for their quick answers.... "Mommie, we like to eat french fries and go inside the big tall cage." and "The cage is fun and we can climb it!" and "Wester Bill has the best yellow slides!" and "You can drive us there and drink some hot choco-latte!" After the last hard sell comment, I was convinced- Wester Bill sounded like the place to be.

So yeah, they wanted me to take them to the Westerville McDonald's play place.

After all, it has been 5 days since we went there, so clearly, we were due, right?

Gas to Westerville $1.95
Huge Super Size Caffeine filled Latte $2.29
Fries for 4 kids $4.00
getting to drink my latte while the kids exhaust themselves for an hour... PRICELESS!

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