Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Welcome to New Albany, OH- we have Clean Streets and Falling Property Values

Now that my kids understand how things work they are fascinated by all things motorized. CJ has a special love for garbage trucks, cement trucks, and dump trucks-oh boy, this kid identify and correctly name all types of construction equipment beyond just tractors. I have no idea where he gets this because Jeff and I can't name all the pavers, back hoes, front loaders and bob cats like our little engineer, CJ.

We were dressed and ready for school when it started raining this morning- so I opened the garage and the kidlets were loading in the van when we heard a magical sound. The whirling and rumbling could only be one thing: THE STREET SWEEPER.

You have no idea how exciting this is....CJ was yahoo and yippeeing in the driveway. There was jumping, clapping, cheering and giggling, all in the rain. My kids did not care about the rain- there was a street sweeper in front of our house- the world was standing still in their minds. The kids were waving to the man inside the sweeper and he noticed their obvious enthusiasm because he backed up, turned around and repeated our street 3 times.

Thanks to my kids we have the cleanest street in the neighborhood. Can I add this as a feature or benefit on my "zillow" listing for the house?

I never heard of Zillow until about 3 weeks ago when some other moms in the bleachers at basketball were lamenting about property values going in the toilet. One really whiney mom was complaining and bitching on and on about how there are more than 400 homes for sale in New Albany right now and a majority of them are short sales. She said her zillow rating was $150K less than what they paid a year ago. This is great news if you want to move to New Albany, but bad news if you need to sell and move to a warmer climate.(like me) So, I made a mental note of the website but never checked it out. Then Michele S. blogged about the aerial view of her own home and how you can see the values of all the homes on your entire street. Hmmm,okay- the nosey nellie inside me went to Zillow and investigated. You can see various images, get prices, and even list your home with a "make me move offer" that allows someone to match your asking price and not officially have your home on the market. I immediately advertised a make me move price that would give us enough wiggle room to pay our mortgage off, move, and have enough left over for a tummy tuck and some botox. I shudder to think of having someone come and tour the inside of our house, but when they drive up, they will be sure to notice the immaculate street and curbs.

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