Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Twenty Years

Wende Powell and I have been friends forever....well since we were 5 years old, and now we are ahem, cough, cough, 35(?) okay, okay, FORTY we are FORTY. How did this happen?

For more than twenty years Wende and I have been getting together for sushi. It is our thing. We laugh (usually at my jokes) we cry, (the wasabi) and we just connect because we get each other. We just understand because of our lifelong history. Wende and I started early and just built on what was naturally there. We have shared it all, including being candy striper volunteers at Menorah Hospital when we were 14. This was when Menorah was in the ghetto, and during our break we would go to the cafeteria to get a bagel. We still imitate the lady that would ask, "You want buddah on your bay-go?"

Here we are at SHOGUN in Scottsdale, AZ more than 20 years ago. Since this photo was taken we have:
Cut, dyed, and grown our hair out over and over again
Dined next to Milli Vannilli at Spago in Beverly Hills
Attended the Taste of Chicago
Funded our IRA's
Eaten frost burned ice cream from Bubbie's Freezer
Bitched and Moaned about our countless psycho boyfriends
Visited Blowing Rock, NC for Cindi's art show
Bought our own homes
Enjoyed, spoiled, cherished and then Mourned the loss of our 4 legged babies
Given up shoulder pads (finally)
Eaten dozens of Chompie's Bagels
Listened to Chaka Khan with a smile
Got Married
Talked on the phone at least once a week
Been to 100's of Marshall's, Loehmanns and TJ Maxx Stores Together
Celebrated 20 some odd birthdays
Moved 1000's of miles away and back
and most recently: Joined Facebook and re-connected with the other Matzo Ball Chicks

So it comes as no surprise that we still meet for Sushi and laughs. OMG the food was spectacular, yes, we ate Sushi in Kentucky and it was not bait or catfish. Check out this amazing meal- Here we are at Mai Thai in Florence, Kentucky this week. Damn- we still look exactly the same...only with better more improved hair, and way better jewelry- thanks John and Jeff. There are somethings that never go out of style, like long time friendships. Here is to 20 more years of Helene and Wende!

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Jennifer Fine said...

You girls look GREAT!!! Just like Fine Wine.......

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