Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pink and Green LOVE

Most Mommies dress their lil valentines in red. Not here- not this mommie! I bought these pajamas on the clearance rack at The Children's Place,(after my coupon these sets were less than $2 a pop) and I saved them for my true loves on Valentine's Day. I love them in Pink and Green, so of course, on the day to honor love, my kids were dressed for jail in Palm Beach County.

These are the three prisoners modeling their pink and green uniforms on Valentine's Day 2009.

My two favorite colors in combination, PINK and GREEN. I remember my first Lilly Pulitzer skort at age 12- when the Preppy Handbook was my bible. I had the Pink and Green matching Bermuda bag purse and I was so in love with everything and anything Lilly. I am sure if there are photos that exist, Wende or Michelle will post them on my facebook and I can update this blog to include my former, thinner, Lilly clad self. In recent years as my weight has steadily climbed higher and higher, I gave up wearing huge prints on my ever expanding ass, and started collecting accessories in bright pink and green- it was a decision for the sake of community service really. You can thank me later.

Now, to compensate for my lack of personal pink and green print clothing, I have paid homage to all things Country Club Palm Beachy, by dressing my children accordingly. We even had our family portrait taken when the triplets were little and of course, I color coordinated us to the absolute maximum allowed by the law of common sense.
I have not looked back- I just keep adding to their wardrobes in more pink and more green- now I have Lillian, Samuel and Charlotte to decorate too.Look at my "quadruplets" in all their preppy glory- the floral embellished hats are just overkill in making them ridiculously cute, right? The poor little dears are always matchy matchy and they will have no choice but to let me dress them in my faves-

well at least until I get a tummy tuck and drop 40. Perhaps I will be able to reclaim my size 6 Hibiscus Jungle pants someday, but until then, I am living vicariously through my kids. I love it.

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