Thursday, February 19, 2009

Natalie's Potty Rating System

I find it hilarious that Natalie has become a potty critic. She is really a potty snob and I have no idea how this has happened. Whenever we arrive at a destination (Costco, Old McDonald's, Library, Giant Eagle) she has to investigate, use and subsequently "rate" the bathroom. Her criteria varies from day to day but she will comment on the cleanliness, smell, and quality of the liquid, or foam soap. I have learned to laugh at the reviews because as she becomes more familiar with the available options in a public restroom her standards continuously get higher and higher. Sometimes she even says, "This baff-room is gross!"

For example, she used to walk into a stall and visually survey the premises before doing her business. Now she has to give me her opinion about the place before she sits. Today she was beaming with excitement because the potty at Giant Eagle has strawberry soap (really just pink?) and fluffy paper towels that require you to wave your hand in front to activate(they are not really fluffy but they have ridges so they appear thicker)and of course the air freshener was overwhelming- which according to Natalie smelled like candy. When you are three years old you notice EVERYTHING!

The family restroom at the play place Wester Bill McDonald's is the creme de la creme of mom friendly crappers. Yes, I seriously whipped out my camera and took photos because if I could design public bathrooms geared for moms with a gaggle of kids, strollers, purses, & diaper bags- this would be my inspiration.

There are two toilets, one big, one little- two sinks, and plenty of room to move. The diaper changer, and extra kid seat is perfect for multi-tasking mamas. I closed and locked the door and all three kids peed, washed hands and were ready to go in less than 5 minutes. Note to self: Write thank you note to McD's corporate and thank them for earning the highest potty rating.

As we left I asked Natalie about the potty. Before I could question her she said, "Mommie that potty was the nicest potty I have ever seen and it smelled like clementines!" So from now on, I will add potty connoisseur to her resume. Siskel and Ebert had thumbs up for their movie reviews, and as the official spokesperson for Natalie I will initiate the Natalie Slutsky Restroom Review with a Tushie rating scale. Two tushies up is the best, One tushie up is okay but not great, One tushie down is bad, and Two tushies down is just rancid. Stay tuned on the blog for more insight on where you can do your business. Move over ZAGAT, Natalie gives the real poop scoop on potties.

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