Monday, February 16, 2009

The Nadya Suleman Saga, How one woman's poor judgment and uterus has become an obsession

Hmmmm, I know with a title like that I am sure I will get my fair share of Google hits, but so be it. I have been stewing about the whole Octuplet Fiasco for weeks and after a cooling off period to collect my thoughts, I will post my vent and rant- it is my blog and I will rant if I want to, rant if I want to, you would rant too, if it happened to you.

First let me just say that there are a few issues I DO NOT HAVE with the new octuplet mama:

1. I don't have a problem with her being single. I would speculate that if J-Date had failed me and I was still single, I would have made the decision to become a mom. Whether I would have hit up a friend for some baby juice,( I always had Kent Dobbins in mind- he makes beautiful babies) or whether I would have just gone to Tanner's on 119th and picked a random baby daddy, remains a mystery, but regardless, becoming a parent by choice is a personal decision. There are plenty of single moms doing a damn fine job, and plenty of two parent families screwing it up royally, so willingly becoming a parent-is okie dokie.

2. I don't have issue with the fact that she chose to do IVF when she already had 6 children. I say this because if financially I was able to have more kids, I really would. (Can you hear Jeff screaming, NOOOOOO! I swear if you put your monitor screen up to your ear, you will hear him howling and whistling NOOOOO just like hearing the ocean in a huge conch shell) If Jeff and I did IVF now, we too would have 6 kids at home when we wanted to add to our fam damily. How many kids you have is not for me or the general public to judge. It does upset and bug the bajeezus out of me that she could not afford the first six, and decided to have "one" more. Adding any more children to your family if you are unemployed, single, and live with your parents is irresponsible. The combination of how many and being financially sound is a direct reflection on her ability to make important decisions. Uh- Oh.

3. I do not have a problem with her selling her story along with the photos. Most of the more famous "big" families have done it and the money they get from selling out their family freak show has improved their lives. Just tune into Discovery Health, or TLC and you will find The Duggars and their ever growing brood. I can remember when Jon & Kate plus 8 were members of The Triplet Connection, and they too had a website set up for donations. Since then, The Gosselins have made a lifestyle change with their cash from the TLC network show and book. So I am sure Nadya Suleman's baby belly photos earned her a pretty penny,and since she shared the images with the world, she should be compensated, right? I am posting my 16 week pregnant with triplets belly for you for FREE.
I never allowed any photos after I saw these, so there are not any other huge belly "money makers" in existence. Willingly taking hand-outs or money for your story is all about your new found lack of privacy and subsequent paycheck. For example, I have a blog and I give out all kinds of sweet vibes for FREE, but if a publisher or screenplay writer wanted my story I am not sure if I would sell out.(Can you hear Jeff screaming, YES!! SELL, we will get an agent, SELL SELL SELL!WE NEED CASH HONEY, SELL DAMMIT, SELL) Whether or not Nadya Suleman profits from her offspring is her business.

4. Putting back more than 2 or 3 embryos into a 33 year old woman with a history of successful pregnancies is insane. Doctors transfer embryos and ultimately it is fate of the implantation that renders a woman pregnant, so I have a real problem with all the reporters and journalists who have been yammering on about how Nadya and her wacko fertility doc "implanted" six embryos. They transferred six when 2 or 3 is standard protocol. This to me is a recipe for disaster and it is an unconscionable medical malpractice case that should be brought against both Nadya and her IVF doctors on behalf of her existing and newborn babies. Any Cali lawyers out there?

Back in the good old days I would take the triplets out in public and the most aggravating questions from the general public were, did you do fertility? and do you watch Jon & Kate Plus 8. UGHHHH- BLECH! Now of course anyone who sees me with the clan wants my opinion on the octuplets. Barf. I prefer to just smile and keep on walking.

Here is my short list of peeves about the woman known around the world as Octopussy. I do not personally know Nadya Suleman but I am an educated mom who can put one and two together and add it up- this whole story stinks and here is why:

The California tax payers are footing the bill for her chosen lifestyle. The Suleman family is currently collecting food stamps, SSI payments and student loans for the sole benefit of octo-moms fantasy to be more like Angelina Jolie. Anyone who has seen the before and after photos can clearly see that there has been some work done on the former Nadya.How does an unemployed woman living with her 6 kids in her parents' home have any time or money for IVF and lip enhancement? Also, it does not take a sleuth to notice that Nadya Suleman has acrylic nails with a french manicure. I wonder how it is possible to grab a coffee and to get your nails done with 6 kids at Grandma's house? These are the same 6 kids who have not seen their mother since she went on hospital bed rest 10 weeks ago. If I had been away from any of my children for 10 weeks Starbucks and the nail salon is the last place I would be.
I think it is outrageous to spend money on coffee drinks and French Manicures when you can't pay to put food on the table without public assistance. To me it is almost as bad as buying cigs and 40 ouncers when your kids are on welfare. Shame on you Nadya Suleman.

Additionally, I have a gripe with her alleged plans to go back to school. I think she is delusional to believe that she can care for 8 preemies, attend classes, study and eventually earn enough money to pay for child care so she can work. She would have to make over a half a million dollars a year with her degree just to barely break even. It is proof that it does take a village to raise a child and in her case it will take the hard earned money of Californians, and 14 villages to keep the village idiot afloat.

Okay I am done, for now, but I reserve the right to modify my opinions as this crazy story unfolds. In all seriousness though, I do feel terrible for those children, all 14 of them. It is not their fault their mother is a certifiable nut job. In closing I will say this, if Nadya Suleman gets a tummy tuck before me, all bets are off on whether I go postal here, or in California.


Lynda said...

I could of not said this better myself. Kudos to you!
P.S. If she gets the tummy tuck, I shall go postal with you.
Lynda, Nesconset, NY Triplet Mommy

The Husband said...

Would a prefrontal lobotomy be considred elective surgery for this wack job?

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