Monday, February 2, 2009

My Pretty, Petite, Picasso of 19 months

Sweet Charlotte likes to do anything and everything that her siblings get to do. She is a mimic and a mooch. If they are dancing, she dances. If they are eating or drinking something, she must have the same. Open cups, straws, gum- all age appropriate to her. Me, not so much.

Yesterday I had the triplets at the kitchen table coloring some birthday cards for Uncle Nat, and making some Valentines to send in the mail. Charlotte had to have her own paper and crayons too. It is only fair. She says, "Me too" or "Please" and she really means it.

Imagine my SHOCK when this baby held her crayon exactly the right way, and just scribbled on the paper as if she was Pablo Picasso.
Charlotte was so proud of herself-it was adorable. At first I thought it was a fluke, so I handed her another color, and sure enough- she knows how to use any type of writing instrument- crayon, marker, pastels, and inks. I think I might just have a 19 month old prodigy here. Is it too early to start collecting her sketches? This baby is talented! Watch out Alexandra Nechita....this petite princess is only 19 months old.

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The Husband said...

I think her style is a little more Jackson Pollack than Picaso. But she works well in mixed media: crayon, gluten-free pasta, lip stick, tootpaste, poop. Hmmm. Maybe she's a little more Andy Warhol.

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