Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Music To My Ears, so C'mon Get Happy

The decibel level at our house is off the charts. With four kids clamoring for attention and recognition, the constant blaring of the television, cell phone conversations in English and in Spanish, along with the occasional temper tantrum, it is volume overload. It is deafening most days. Just to get a break from the noise I take the kids where they can be as loud as they want without disturbing anyone, Mommie included.

On our last visit to the Kansas City area I took the kids to a kiddie rock concert at Papa Kenos- this jam session featured Dino O'Dell and his band.

My kids were totally into it and were rockin and rollin along with the toddler mosh pit up front. As with most rock concerts there were groupies, and roadies. Fortunately, I did not see any Dora Panties being thrown on stage. After all it was Dino O'Dell not Tommy Jones. Talk about LOUD....wheeew, makes my living room sound like the inside of the library. I kept telling the triplets that they could use their outside voice in the restaurant, and that alone is way cool.

Since they just love anything and everything musical I let them entertain me by putting on shows, and dance recitals like the Latin Grammy renditions. I am pleased to introduce you to our very own, Milgram Eichenwald All Star Band, featuring Lillian on Spanish Dance moves, CJ on keyboards, Natalie on bass and vocals, and Eli, Samuel, & Charlotte as back up singers. Set and Stage Direction by Argenida.


You can turn up the speakers on your desk and jam right along with my little performers. I doubt we will take our show on the road, unless of course, we get a way cool bus like the Partridge Family. Come on get happy!

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