Thursday, February 12, 2009

Muddy Waters

We are still using the power shower to keep the kids busy during the evening "witching hour"- the time just after dinner, and just before bed. Last night we had a horrible rain storm with gusty winds and Eli said the deck looked scary. So I shuffled all the kids away from windows and plunked them into the shower to kill time before it was officially "night"- C'mon, 7:30!

I added a new element to the shaving cream, paint brush and plastic cup mix by allowing the munchkins to play with my Fango mud mask. This rich creamy mud is found in the mountains of Italy and Borghese makes a huge jar of it that you can buy at Saks for $65.I however, found it at Costco in this handy dandy tube on the clearance rack for $4.97. The kids are in heaven with the addition of gooey dark green mud. Natalie thought it was gross until she smelled it and realized this was not backyard mud.

We still have not gotten a new water bill yet, so until we do, I am lovin the hour power shower with Muddy Waters.

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