Monday, February 23, 2009

I made a lady cry at Giant Eagle

I have blogged about my love for Giant Eagle. I adore the staff of the Eagle's Nest, and the fuel perks program works for us. On average we earn more than $2 a week in discounts on up to 30 gallons of gas by buying some of our groceries and filling our prescriptions in their pharmacy. Remember when gas was over $4 a gallon and I was getting free tanks? Yeah, that is true love my friends. Free gas is heartwarming.

On my last fill up I had earned more than enough cents off to make my cost per gallon zero, and I was smiling as I crammed almost 21 gallons into my thirsty van. As I was standing along side the van in the single digit temperatures I noticed the woman on the opposite side of the pump. She pre-paid $5 in cash using a few singles and the rest in change. The only reason you pump gas in sub zero temps is because you have to, and the only reason you pay for gas with coins is because you have to. It was right then and there that I made my move to break the rules at Giant Eagle.

The fuel perks program allows you to get up to 30 gallons on the discount. They have rules about one fill up per customer, meaning you can't put 15 gallons in one car, and 15 gallons in another- or can you? It gripes the hell out of me to waste those extra gallons of FREE gas- I mean, I can only squeeze 21 gallons in the Sienna and those other 9 gallons are basically forfeited. As I stood there watching the other woman's kids bundled and buckled up in her backseat I decided to donate my 9 gallons of free gas to her and her children.

I asked her if her tank was empty and she said it was. I smiled and said, well, I am going to give you 9 gallons of gas for free. Of course she thought I was nuts- so I briefly explained my unique situation and she got really emotional. She told me how she dug in the car ashtray to get enough quarters to buy $5 dollars worth of gas and how she was really trying hard to get by- as the tears rolled down her face she said thank you about 50 times. As not to attract a scene I just finished putting the 21 gallons in my van and I set the pump down on the median between us. I told her to pick up the handle and put the remaining 9 into her car. I quietly got back in my warm van and drove away.

I looked in my rear view mirror as I drove away and I saw her crying as she pumped the gas into her car. Then like a baby myself, I started crying too. Way to go Giant Eagle you made a grown woman or two cry.


Jennifer Fine said...

Okay, you made THREE grown women cry. That was great Helene!! Not only are you the Queen, you can add Mitzvah Queen to your title too!

Tanna's Triplets said...

Add a 4th to the list of people you made cry!!!

Kerry said...

Way to go, Helene!!

Aaryn said...

I'm impressed....

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