Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fevers, Coughs, Runny Noses- TIMES FOUR

I very rarely bitch and moan about sick kids- what is the point? Right now I have 4 kids plagued with this G-d Awful cough, fever, and drippy noses. I kept them home from school today so that the entire class would not be infected, but now I am dealing with miserable children who all want to be held, cuddled, coddled and loved; AT ONCE. It's my blog and I 'll bitch if I want to.

I called my pediatrician's office this morning. I love her. She and her nurses go out of their way to accommodate our crew. Of course, just my luck that today is her day off so I got the ladies from the other side of the building to take my call. They do not know me, or my children so it was a frustrating phone call. I don't think they realize that I only call when it is absolutely necessary. I know my kids and I can assess them without much medical intervention. I try my best to remedy them myself before I call or bring them in- partially because so far they have been, knock wood, kanina horrah; healthy. Considering that just the co-pays on a sick office visit are $80, I make sure they are truly in need. Suffice it to say, I only call if and when it is serious.

When my call was finally taken, the lame triage nurse on call asked if anyone was choking or having trouble breathing? Ugh, are you joking? Do you think I would be waiting on muzak hold for 17 minutes if they were? Please, gimme a break. Clearly she did not know who she was speaking with- at all. After providing all of the names- spelled out, dates of birth and a call back number she asked me why I was calling. I explained their issues and she dismissed me by saying, well...we are seeing lots of these symptoms, and these coughs are lasting 2 weeks or more, so if they are still sick in two weeks, you can call back and schedule an appointment. WHAT??? Do you think I will be alive after being quarantined in my house with 4 sick children for up to 14 days. Sorry, but that was not the answer I was calling to get.

I know if my own pediatrician were there she would have offered a more timely solution to my problem. I would almost guarantee that she would have at least listened to my kids' chests, and perhaps checked their ears for a possible infection. I know she would never ask me to wait two weeks to be seen. So...I wait until she returns to the office tomorrow, when I call back and get in touch with the staff I adore. Until then, I am stuck at home with my own personal waiting room of pooky kids.Anyone want to come over with some vodka martinis and trashy tabloids- not for the kids, but for me?


Anonymous said...

I was enjoying reading your blog, but then I read the October 10th, 2008 entry and could not believe it... (see comments). I'm sure you don't want people like me, you know, the ones who live in the "HOOD" to read such a la-di-da blog like yours. I mean, really, I work for the biggest employer in the "Hood", helping to keep you safe in your country while you go on trips and buy shoes and teach your children about the "HOOD"... And you wonder why so many hate the Jews...

Aaryn said...

To Anonymous: Let's be honest, people are stereotyped by where they live, what they wear etc. If you live in the "hood" you'll be stereotyped; just like you just stereotyped the Jews. (I live in a "likehood" and our stores, people taking public transportation, schools etc., fit into the "hood" stereotype- there's no way to avoid it)

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Hey Anonymus White Hall reader, sorry to disappoint you by my kids use the term hood instead of saying neighborhood. There is not a single shred of elitest attitude about the word hood- I have used it in reference to other residential areas including my own, I am in the hood with the white picket fence, remember?....and for the record I was talking about good old Columbus, Ohio, just the first residential area we see on the way to preschool school, Gahanna, and the Airport are commercial areas, so the homes on Cassady are the first hoods we see and announce in our route. We do not drive in or through Whitehall, although I dine and shop there frequently and can't complain. No offense meant by my use of the slang term Hood and no offense taken, although your comments about people hating Jews was pretty rough. Come on, Whitehall, cut a blogger some slack

The Husband said...

So many hate the Jews? I thought it was just me. It is interesting that Anonymous (if that really is her name) would lecture on what was incorrectly perceived as prejudice, when its obvious by her comment that she's a biggot.

JCmysavior said...

I never have commented on your blog before so I am outing myself as lurker. I could not help but come to your defense for the anonymus poster from October and on this entry. I am sure you can tell from my blogger ID that I am not Jewish, but I do personally know Helene and I can assure all the readers that she is teaching her kids to be solid citizens free from any kind of stereotype or predujices. I have known Helene for more than 15 years and there is no one more candid and responsible when it comes to being around children. I doubt her reference to the hood had any ill will. I have heard the term used all the time without specific negative stereotype. However, the anonymus poster clearly has some anti semetic issues and could take a dose of his/her own medicine. Anonymus comments are usually left anonymously because they have little merit. I am sorry to go on and on but when I read the comments my blood pressure went up. Peace!

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