Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Enviro-kids Gluten Free Cereal-palooza

Remember when I bought about 15 boxes of Organic Gluten Free Cereal for a buck a box last month? I have been getting creative with using it up. I make a version of rice krispie treats with it, and I layer it between yogurt and fruit like an ice cream parfait. I even used the corn flakes as a crunchy topping on a casserole but I am still looking for ways to make these two cereals new and exciting to the crew.

I found these "special" cereal bowls at the dollar store. These bowls have a straw that draws the liquid from the bottom- they are perfect for my kids cereal because when they are done eating, they get to drink the milk with the straw. The novelty of these colorful bowls has not worn off and my kids are asking me for milk and cereal as a snack just so they can slurp up the milk through the cool straw.

I know these are not teaching them fine dining skills but at the kitchen table but I can deal with that, at least until the stacks of boxes are depleted from my pantry. Right now it is Cereal Palooza 2009!

Yes...I must admit, Eli prefers the pink Dora pajamas, and Natalie likes Buzz Lightyear. What can you do? Hey, they are a three year old mix gender set- they have no boundaries with their stuff! Girls? Boys? What is the difference?

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Kerry said...

We have the bowls and the matching glasses. You know we would have loved them as a kid too!

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