Sunday, February 22, 2009

Eli's words of wisdom

This weekend Eli and I were chatting while he was pooping. For those of you who have recently toilet trained your children, you know the drill. You sit along side the camode and wait for while they do their business. While we were waiting Eli made the following statement which started a conversation.

Eli: Mitchell has a big dinky!

Me: Really? Well, as you get older your dinky grows with you and it gets bigger, so when you are as big as Mitchell your dinky will be bigger too.

Eli: Daddy has a really big dinky.

Me: Right, Eli, Daddy is older than Mitchell and his dinky got bigger as he got older too.

Eli: (puzzled look) Mommie, Papa must have a REALLY HUGE Dinky.

After I quit laughing I wiped his tush and we washed our hands. I said, "Eli, I love our little talks when you are going to the bathroom!" Eli smiled and said, "Me too Mommie, you rock!"

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Lucco Girls said...

OMG this made me laugh so hard!

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