Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dripstiks and Popsicles Make a Cold Day FUN

I am running out of ideas on how to occupy and educate the kids during the cold winter days. It has been in the single digits with the blasted windchill factor and bundling up three kids and buckling them in and out of the van in subzero wind is less than a pleasure. It sucks, so the alternative is to just stay home. We stay inside and keep the good clean fun alive with those mommie lifesaving ridiculously long showers. They love painting with shaving cream everyday and the thought of 45 minutes of silence and freedom allows me to go through the mail, return some calls and grab a non mooched snack- all while they are confined to the steamy shower. BLISS! I bet our water bill is going to be sky high. What can you do?

We played opposite day today and I kept whining about how hot it is outside. I wore summer pajamas all day- the capri pant kind with my flip flop sandals. The triplets were totally playing along with my antics and suggested we go to the beach wearing sunglasses. HAH! It is becoming hilarious to hear them scheming right along with me. At one point Natalie suggested Daddy buy us tickets to California so we could swim with dolphins. Sounds good to me.

In keeping with my summer theme I offered the kids some fruit smoothie Popsicles. They are frozen blended fruit without dyes so the red color you see is really ground up strawberries in Popsicle form. I put their strawberry "podsicles" as they are lovingly called, in these cool plastic holders called, DRIPSTIKS. If you have kids that love ice cream cones and Popsicles, these colorful holders are a must have. One side secures the stick, the other side accommodates a cone.

All the drips go onto the rim and the kids just have a better grip on the whole task of balancing while eating. I personally love that their clothes stay clean and we do not have to micro-manage three people while they are enjoying a treat.

So, that is it for now, I am off to google "California swim with dolphins." I want to have a plan for where to go when Jeff sees the water bill next month. I will pack our dripstiks so we can get ice cream cones on the Santa Monica Pier while wearing our sunglasses.

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Kerry said...

Where do you get the dripsticks?

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