Sunday, February 8, 2009

Confined Spaces and Cages- How I survive the winter days

I am sure the title of this post sounds like a sure fire way to meet the fine folks at CPS- but, wait....lemme splain. I have two choices on these wintery days- either stay home and let the kids drive me nuts, or take them out to places that are confined spaces, or in some cases: really fun cages.

I frequent our Giant Eagle and I take advantage of the amazing center they offer while I shop. My kids will do just about anything to go see Miss Sara or Miss Ariel at the Eagles Nest. They play, work on puzzles, do crafts, and Natalie strung beads during her last visit. This is a developmental task that was recommended for her and you can clearly see how Natalie has mastered it.
Miss Sara did not help her at all. Look at how proud she is, awwww. The Eagles Nest a mom's best friend. It is a confined, supervised (by someone else) space that allows the kids to monkey around without my constant watchful eye. I am sure it sounds like I am always looking to ditch my kids and that is partially true somedays, but most days they enjoy getting a break from me almost as much as I enjoy getting a break from them. I personally thanked the Store Manager yesterday because I would die or at least be a certifiable nut job if that resource was no longer available. The Eagles Nest= Supervised, Safe, Confined Space that ROCKS My World!

So, when I can't find an age appropriate confined space like the one at Giant Eagle, I take them to the McDonald's playspace. I just sit back, sip my latte and watch them have a blast. This is MCD's version of an indoor jungle gym with tunnels and slides. Eli asked me if he could go play in the cages? HUH? I realized that he thinks the mesh net structural sides are like a cage- and until he mentioned it, I never saw it that way.

But Yeah, Sure, Eli- you can go climb inside that cage and play for 30 minutes. Who know you could cage them for 30 minutes and be such a good mommie?

This looks as though it is designed for physical activity and exploration, but in reality it is fancy cage, LOVE IT!!!

How much do you think it would cost to finish the storage area of the basement with a play space tunnel, slide and cage? It would be so nice to just zip them in for a bit.

My kids adore playing in the cage, honest, they do! There would be no worries of spilled maple syrup, turkey handprints, or desitin in their hair. Ahhh, Winter Survival mode...c'mon Spring!

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